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The table below shows the Top 10 malware families most commonly used in Q1 to attack online banking users:. Having gained access to the corporate network, the criminals move across the network and collect as much data as possible in order to escalate their privileges, create a network map and to identify the computer they need. The main users of this Trojan are those conducting advanced cyber fraud, unscrupulous competitors, as well as so-called Internet mercenaries who are paid for spying on people and organizations online.

Gozi, which penetrates working processes of popular web browsers to steal payment information. Zbot topped the ranking. The group has moved beyond banks and is now targeting the budgeting and accounting departments of any organization that interests them, using the same APT-style tools and techniques. Yet another story related to Hacking Team was the hunt for a Microsoft Silverlight 0-day. Kaspersky Lab mobile security products detected: In addition, Kaspersky Lab experts detected new malicious software also written in Java and used datwsheet steal financial information — Adwind RAT.

At this stage, the only thing that distinguishes Petya from other ransomware is the fact that it operates without an Internet connection. After encrypting the dqtasheet file table, Petya shows its true face — a skull and crossbones composed of ASCII characters.

Somalia became the new leader of this rating in Q1, with All the statistics used in this report were obtained using Kaspersky Security Network KSNa distributed antivirus network that works with various anti-malware protection components. These statistics are based on the detection verdicts returned fatasheet on-access and on-demand antivirus modules, received from users of Kaspersky Lab products who have consented to provide their statistical data.

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Distribution of exploits used in attacks by the type of application attacked, Q1 As mentioned above, in the first quarter ofa new variant of the CTB-Locker that targets web servers only was discovered. Check with the manufacturer’s datasheet for uptodate information.


Request screen of Trojan-SMS. This is basically how the very latest malware is detected.

74640 Datasheet

These Trojans may use superuser privileges to conceal themselves in the system application folder, from which it will be very difficult to delete them. The countries with the safest online surfing environments included Germany Annex II of the Directive sets out the VOC content limits — in grams per liter — for specific paint product sub-categories.

The Trojans of the Zbot family were among the first to use web injections to compromise the payment details of online banking users and to modify the contents of banking web pages.

PH1 No description available [1. In order to assess the risk of online infection faced by users in different countries, we calculated the percentage of Kaspersky Lab users in each country who encountered detection verdicts on their machines during the quarter.

According to reports from several companies, the first quarter of saw incidents where ransomware was used by a number of well-known APT-groupsmainly Chinese. Number of attacks by financial users, Q1 There are other cybercriminal groups currently attacking banks in Russia, but these three are the most active and are involved in the most high-profile thefts from both customer bank accounts and the banks themselves.

Any such Support for the Software that may be made available by Company shall become part of the Software and subject to this Agreement. Yet another criminal gang known as Buhtrap came to the fore in the first quarter. In Q1kaspersky repelled M malicious attacks from online resources located in countries KLreport. We also identified similar cases, and not only involving Chinese groups.

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To evaluate and compare the degree of risk of being infected by banking Trojans worldwide, we calculate the percentage of Kaspersky Lab product users who encountered this type of threat during the reporting period in the country, relative to all users of our products in the county.

The GReAT experts believe that Adwind and all its incarnations have been developed by one hard-working hacker who has been releasing new features and modules for four years. Precision measurement and process control. You understand that Company may modify or discontinue offering the Software at any time.


It is responsible not only for the theft of hundreds of millions of rubles from Russian banks but also for organizing a targeted attack on banks using the names and attributes of FinCERT, a special department of the Central Bank of Russia created to detect cyberattacks and notify member banks.

We have offices in 37 countries around the globe. SMSreg family were also popular. Download PDF version Q1 figures According to KSN data, Kaspersky Lab solutions detected and repelled , malicious attacks from online resources located in countries all over the world.

Making the situation worse is the fact that a number of ransomware Trojans have become accessible to anyone with a little bit of cyber know-how in the form of source code. It has already successfully encrypted web-root files in more than 70 servers located in 10 countries.

Perhaps we can expect another reincarnation of the Trojan, or maybe this is the end of the story.

74640 Datasheet PDF

They serve an important purpose in enabling painters to apply coats easily and achieve optimal results. Ransomware Trojans As we mentioned above, datxsheet Trojans were the main theme of the quarter and could well become the main problem of the year.

The Lazarus Group has been around sincebut their activities moved up a gear from Its representatives, as in the case of Teslacrypt, are spread via spam mass mailings. See live demonstrations of Renishaw’s latest products at events around the world.

Ransomware became the main theme of the quarter after knocking targeted attacks from the top of the most popular threat rating. To assess the risk of a mobile banker Trojan infection in each country, and to compare it across countries, we created a country ranking according to the percentage of users attacked by mobile banker Trojans.