Digitised version of Adat Bidayuh , as codified by the Majilis Adat Istriadat. Agustus Sapen, Di Entika, Mohammad Sulaiman and 2 others like this. Comments. Other Albums. Sarawak History Initiative Trust’s photo. ‘In a letter to the. Adat Bidayuh Order Front Cover. Sarawak. 0 Reviewshttps://books. ?id=bSgUnQAACAAJ.

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Some 93 Bidayuh community leaders, comprising Pemanca, Penghulu and village chiefs from Siburan and Padawan areas, participated in the four-day workshop which ended yesterday.

N Richards were re-written to ensure that established adatomitted by him were included in the present volume. First, the ingredient of settlement or restoration provided by the offender to the injured party in terms of buah to estore the ‘balance’ between two individuals. Chapter V deals with customs relating to property: Gi,ruga-girogo anotber person’s romin People who commit incest are prohibited from marrying each other. With the power given under the Native Courts Ordinance, to the Native Courts to impose punishment including prison sentence for cri inal offences, it is now possible to make a distinction between offences against the rules of social behavior and breaches against customs and tab os.

Example A shooting accident during a hunting expedition is a criminal offence under the Penal Code. However, once the adoption has been registered, it can only be annulled by the order of the High Court. Chapter VI deals with customs relating to death. Incest is an offence punishable with secular fine, takud and prosis for a ritual cleansing. Using another person’s bomebold property pingabah.

A customary adoption may be registered in accordance with the rovisions of the Adoption Ordinance Cap. Apart from the Adat Bidayuh, an application for maintenance can also be made in the civil court under the Married Women and Children Maintenance Act, Act Under the Adat Bidayuh, it is important to distinguish between offences against the rules of social behavior and breaches ainst customs and taboos.


For the purpose of this Order, the term “Bidayuh” means the native of Sarawak referred to as Land Dayak in the Schedule to the Interpretation Ordinance. The adat spells out the concept of mowah, its meaning and purpose.

We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. Many of the adat compiled by AJ. The moderators of the workshop were officers from Mais; namely Bati, Philip Tonis, Suimi Kinseng and Midil Dimang, who touched on the bidwyuh laws of the community.

Setting fisbing apparatus in a river already reserved lUUIdung.

Native Courts System

Rules of social behaviour must be strictly adhered to by both members and visitors. All secular fines shall be paid to the Government All takud shall go to the aggrieved party and prosis to the community, unless otherwise stated. Breaching a promise to join bOlang romin buruh pudo’.

I’ another person biurah. Marriage between persons within certain prohibited degrees of relationship is permitted only after undergoing the ritual of nai raban. Whenever there is a breach of farming rites, immediate propitiation bidatuh must be taken to appease the spirits in order to ensure the well-being of the crops.

Majlis Adat Istiadat Sarawak revamping Adat Bidayuh 1994

Authorised version of Adat Bidayuh. Any breach of the customs may threaten individual relationship and the spiritual well-being of the community, such as the health and material prosperity of the people. The primary function of the adat in the Bidayuh society is to maintain a harmonious relationship among members of the community and to preserve the physical and spiritual well-being of the kupuo.


Any breach against customs and taboos shall be subject to takud or restitution, and provision shall be I buah. Restitution contains two essential ingredients of takud. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script.

Failing to erect the posts buruh pudo’. Mais will bidwyuh work with Mahkamah Bumiputera to address issues, particularly those related to marriage and divorce, he stressed.

Adxt added that similar workshops had been held in Lundu, Bau and Kuching, and the next one would be in Serian. Under the Bidayuh custom, an adopted child has the same position.

Causing obstruction to bolang romin ngampung nasip. Provided budayuh, in the case of any conflict between the authorised translation and the authorised English version of the Adat Bidayuh, the latter shall prevail.

Native Courts Portal

Terminologies bixayuh the different groups of Bidayuh have been collected and identified. XUX 26th May, No. This Order may be cited as the Adat Bidayuh Order,and shall come into force on the 1st day of June, Section 19 b of the Native Courts Ordinance,empowers a Native Court to direct payment of penalty or such part thereof to the aggrieved party. Failing to participate in a kiroja lirukum.

Adat Bidayuh 1994

Size px x x x x According to the customs of the Bidayuh, the dead shall be buried at a recognized cemetery. Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. Tbere is no element of punishment in takud.