Sold Airtronics RDS Manual Aircraft – General – Radio Equipment (FS/W). I brought my brand new Airtronics RDS for Show-N-Tell to the July meeting. The Airtronics manual provides details instructions and diagrams on how to. Index of /global/airtronics/Transmitter and Accessory Manuals RDS , , 10M. [ ], Radiant 6P 6H ,

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Ailerons go up when flaps go down. Available on Elevator and Aileron. Since this plane has become a test bed of sorts I have all the control throws, dual rates, throttle settings, and other settings all recorded to aid in doing setups such as this. While the RDS mankal the same programming and case from the RD channel radio Airtronics has made one major change to the exterior of the radio.

Index of /global/airtronics/Transmitter and Accessory Manuals

What I ,anual is that I grew eds8000 in this hobby when you opened up a radio box and everything you needed was in there.

I have to confess that I have been an “Airtronics Man” from the start. Moving to the bottom portion of the radio we get to the controls used for programming the radio. It gives it a “just get the job done” look! Most notably missing will be the servos and a receiver battery. The radio just worked as it was designed to. Aircraft Advanced Menu Structure.

These are in addition to the predefined mixers. This is a valuable option as most sailplanes will need a change in pitch trim when ever flaps are deployed.

And indeed, when everything is removed you will find the RDS Transmitter, 2. As I will describe later in this review, these antennas need to be installed so that they are positioned 90 degrees to each other to provide better signal pickup. While holding down the BIND key on the receiver turn the receiver on. Of course we all know that a range check should be performed on all radios, especially before the first use. The purpose of this mixer is to allow one transmitter control input to affect flight functions.

The Bind LED will flash slowly. But the latest advance in our equipment almost overshadows all of those previous changes combined.


The RDS makes programming easier by allowing you to turn off any programming screen not required. I fired the plane up and taxied out to the runway.

Because the receiver was already bound to the transmitter I did not have to do this for my radio, but I want to explain the process here to show how simple it is to do. This also comes in handy when setting up new planes as you can use it to see how you have set up items on other planes. Airtronics radios only have a 3-character model-naming field.

Index of /global/airtronics/Transmitter and Accessory Manuals

After slipping each antenna into the mounting tube I used a small piece of blue painters tape to hold them in place so they will not slip out during flight. More On This Product. In this day and age of this hobby there is so much diversity in what pilots are doing. This plane has become a bit of a test bed for reviews such as this because it’s one of my favorite planes and therefore I know very well how it handles.

All of the diagrams in the manual are clear and easy to read.

AIRTRONICS RDS8000 FHSS Quick Start Manual

The standard channels for this receiver are throttle, rudder, ailerons, elevators, gear, flaps, and two auxiliary channels. This button is a weak spot, which I really felt could be better. There are two switches and a control button on the face of the radio and one toggle switch located on the top of the radio.

Also located here is a trainer button, which is used to pass control to an attached buddy box when training a student to fly. The RDS is equipped with a trim tab for the 4 major axis of control on the sticks of the radio, which are throttle, rudder, elevator, and ailerons. In addition, the standard receiver shown here is one of the most affordable 8-channel 2. The fear of having two radios on at once, which in the past would result in a crash of the plane, is gone forever now.

Check out the article and the websites listed at the end of the MA article for more information. Because of this and the fact that each manufacture uses a unique encryption of the signal and transmitter ID you cannot interchange transmitter and receivers among manufacturers.


The receiver can be used with any standard servos on the market, although using Futaba servos will require shaving off the alignment tab located on the servo plug. The trainer connection is the standard Airtronics 5-pin connection that has been used for many years. Newsletters Archive.

The RDS includes a procedure to reduce the power on the radio in order to perform a range check. The transmitter and receiver will be bound together when they are received so performing the binding process should not need to be done on a new rdx8000 system. The RDS is equipped with trim memory so airtronicw radio will remember the trim settings for each plane that is programmed to it.

The Binding process is a simple four-step procedure: The purpose of a Compensation Mixer is to allow one transmitter control input to affect two flight functions. While it’s not anything wrong with the radio I will point out that there is one thing that new users to 2. STW Stopwatch – Used as a stopwatch or to countdown to a preset time. These functions are identical to those in the Aero Mode even though this is for heli functions. The RDS has a push button that, when pushed, overrides the throttle sticks low throttle position and drives your throttle servo to a lower position, stopping the engine.

The RDS allows you to set the amount of differential aileron travel during the landing mode. Many radios out there these days will get labeled as a certain type of radio simply because of the servos that are included with it. Airtronics took a hard look at this and made the decision to simply sell the base radio, and allow the pilot to tailor it to their needs with their own choice of servos and battery.

Under each channel the options for that channel are laid out in order. Navigating the menu is a simple matter of using the directional arrows located on the control panel on the front of the radio to scroll the the various menu options. Can be reset to zero.