QS – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Preface This document is intended to assist the service technician in the operation, maintenance and repair of the QS Series 64 Voice Synthesizer/ Controller. QS7/QS8 Reference Manual 1 2 QS7/QS8 Reference Manual Table of Contents Contents 1: Setting Up 7 Unpacking and Inspection 7 AC Power 7 Line.

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These resemble the types of chips used in computers and other digital devices. These changes are outlined in Appendix A.

Alesis QS Service manual |

Send 2 delay type Page 50 Program or Effects modulation destinations, or you can simply allow the MIDI controller of your choice to do it for you. Amplitude that decays over time creates percussive effects plucked strings, drums, etc. The dotted lines indicate the divisions between different functional blocks, and the solid lines indicate signal paths between the blocks and controls. If the sequencer transmits a piano part over channel 1a bass part over channel 2, and a drum part over channel 1 0, you could set up a QS Mix so that a piano sound plays only the MIDI data assigned to channel 1a bass sound plays only the MIDI data assigned to channel 2, and drums play only the MIDI data assigned to channel 1 0.


Test Audio – This test simply sends audio through all outputs. It can be set between 30Hz and 1 80Hz.

Velocity A measure of the force used to press a key. The Resonator Decay parameter is its second parameter, so to modulate it you would choose P1 Depth the second P1 parameter as the destination.

ALESIS QS7.1 User Manual – Download

Simultaneously, if the same MIDI controller is received it will control any modulations that use either Pedal 1 or Pedal 2. Keyboard velocity can either make a sound brighter the harder you play, or make it less bright, or have no effect on the Filter at all.

The Drum Mode mahual is found in the Misc.

Foreign Objects and Liquids. Send 2 pitch detune The Tracking Generator can be used to turn a variable control, such as the Channel 1 midi in With positive values, aesis harder increases the filter cutoff.


Alesis Sound Bridge software see next section will translate from Sample Cell format to Alesis QS Composite Synthesis format, and then you can write your own custom Programs and Mixes that use these samples.

This will help us give you the best support we possibly can. The default value is 65, but you should adjust this parameter to fit your own playing style.

When you want the initial attack of a note to be bright, but want the alezis part to be filtered. Flere is a chart listing the various drum samples in their respective groups. You can even have different sounds played depending on how hard you play the keyboard this is known as velocity. If the select Reverb type is Large, the Density parameter is unavailable.


Send 4 has only a Mono Delay effect, which may also be routed to Reverb 1. However, moving the Mod Wheel while the Quantize parameter was on would cause the pitch of a held note to rise in half-step increments. The Program recalled will be the same number as the Program Change message that is received, from whichever bank Preset or User is currently selected. The DAC outputs are balanced and are routed through differential amplifiers to the unit’s output jacks, via the analog output circuitry See Section 2.

Select a new mix to establish the edit buffers. Writes should only be performed on sector blocks known to contain all FFH data.

F are electrically the same.

MIDI does the exact opposite. To send the sound’s output to the Main outputs, select Main. The combination of the product and rack should be moved carefully.