Aonla Plants Cultivation in India: it’s Origin, Area of Production, Climate and Soil, Cultivars, Harvesting and Marketing! Family: Euphorbiaceae. Aonla or amla or. Soils with red,black with wide range of pH can very well accomodate to planting,the fields should be deeply ploughed,harrowed. Besides fruits, leaves, bark, and even seeds are being used for various purposes. The total area under Aonla in Andhra Pradesh is about 4,

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Extracted from AgriGold SwarnaSedyam. The inferior seedling trees can also be top-worked with a promising cultivar. It can be planted on alkaline soils 6.

Aonla Plants: Aonla Plants Cultivation in India

Foliar spray with Chlorothalonil 2g or Mancozeb 2. Any type of soils with good drainage. During summer, the crop should be mulched with paddy straw or wheat straw at the base of the tree upto cm from the trunk.

Apply full dose of farm yard manure, superphosphate, muriate of potash and half urea in January-February. The main components are planting material, land preparation, inputs. Krishi Mitra Money Making Ideas Bilgiri Rangan hills in Mysore. Each pit should be filled with surface soil mixed with 15 kg FYM and 0.

Horticulture :: Fruits :: Amla

Healthy grafts or budded plants are planted during rainy season preferably during the early monsoon in July with square system. High amount of Exchangeable Sodium Percentage ESP can disturb plant metabolism, which has adverse effect on the growth of aonla plants.


Precaution should be taken that no directed spray cultivatioj be on the seedlings or the plants which are grown. Irrigation Young plants require watering during summer months at 15days interval till they are fully established.

Aonla is also kno wn as Indian Gooseberry and has Scientific name as Embelica officinalis andbelongs to the family euphorbiaceae, has a high medicinal value.

Grafted plants are more prone to the frost injury in comparison to seedlings. It is a hardy fruit crop of commercial importance. It has a high medicinal value. However, in initial 3 to 4 years sufficient space is available which could be, advantageously used for raising intercrops.

Aonla Cultivation Practices | AgriGold Organics | Agri Gold Fertilzers | Agri Gold Products

India’s present production is around 1. In severe frost prone areas the trees get killed.

Since the free grows to a huge size a distancepf-8 to 10 in bothways is recommended. The fruits should be packed properly in wooden boxes. The pruning of the bearing plants can be done after the termination of the crop each year.

The cuptivation fruits are ahrd and they do not fall at gentle touch and therefore vigorous shaking is required. Amla or Indian gooseberry Emblica Officinalis is an indigenous fruit to the Indian subcontinent.


Aonla being a sub-tropical crop prefers dry sub-tropical climate.

Cutting off the infected apices and prophylactic spray of systemic insecticide like Dimethoate 0. It contains more than mg of ascorbic acid per grams of pulp.

In dry are as where mortality after transplanting is usually high the seedling root stock can be raised ‘in situ’ at appropriate distance for budding with superior cloned. The young plants up to the age of 3 years should be protected from hot winds during May- June and from frost during winter months. Remove unwanted sprouts on the cutivation.

Artificial Propagation can also be done by the ripe fruits collected in January and dried in sun dehisce and are swept up and cleaned by winnowing. It is a prolific bearer, needs much care. After first shower the plants are planted in the center of these pits and staked properly.

Light as well as medium heavy soils except purely sandy soils is ideal for aonla cultivation. Aonla is generally propagated by shield budding. Aonla plant has long been raised from seed and used as rootstock.