The greatest of all tragedies must be that of the person who dies just outside the gate of life. They are standing, as it were, just outside the Wicket gate to the. LibriVox recording of Around the Wicket Gate by Charles H. Spurgeon. Read in English by MaryAnn Spiegel. Millions of men are in the outlying. Around the Wicket Gate has ratings and 15 reviews. Justin said: I don’t know how anyone could dislike Spurgeon. This is a delightful little books fil.

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The sun take my portrait? The gospel to me is truth: What is the good of a plan of clothing if you have not a rag to cover you? As to his body, it shared with his mind in a grief that never can be described. Trust God up to the hilt. Is it love of the world, or fear of men, or longing for evil gains? Just between those two iron bars I saw it go right down. These stripes, when applied to the heart, work repentance in us: It is a great mercy to be made to think about ourselves, and how we stand towards God and the eternal world.

Christian Focus

It is now more natural to me to trust than to disbelieve: The plan of salvation is most blessed, but it can avail us nothing unless adound personally believe in the Lord Jesus Christ himself. The gardener thinks it can be. See how the Lord hangeth the world upon nothing but his own word!

I am told that on a certain highland road there was a disputed spurgein of way. They care more about their cats and dogs than about their souls. Why will you perish through perversely preferring other ways to God’s own appointed plan of salvation? Do the like with Christ; put your soul into his care: Spurgeon, the great Victorian preacher, was one of the most influential people of the second half of the 19th Century.

It’s not just a misspelled word here and there, its entire paragraphs full of gibberish. Did you ever tell your father that you tried to believe him?


In the dead of night they bound him, and led him away. Is it not idolatry to allow any earthly thing to compare for one instant with the Lord God? In the world you will have tribulation; learn by faith to know that all things work together for good, and then submit tje to the Lord’s will. Let us at once rehearse the music and anticipate the bliss!

Twist the roots of your nature, the fibers of your heart, about him. Faith is so simple a matter that, whenever I try to explain it, I am very fearful lest I should becloud its simplicity. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

He can humbly say, “I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day. This copy has already found more use than anticipated, and we trust will continue to spread its truth and bring forth much fruit for God’s glory and for the good of all who read it!

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Soft and safe shall be the bank that receives you. Did you suggest that it would be a horrible thing if you were to trust in Jesus and yet perish?

Around the Wicket Gate by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Men dream that heroes are only to be made on special occasions, once or twice in a century; but in truth the finest heroes are home-spun, and spurggeon more often hidden in obscurity than platformed by public observation. The words seem satirical, though they were not so intended. If you find out that you are a bankrupt, the consideration of your debts will not pay them.

O reader, is there not common-sense in this matter? Surely, none of these things should reconcile you to living in enmity with God, tje beneath his frown. He passed into a desperate state of fever and faintness, and at last his hands could hold up his body no longer.

Upon one wiclet of Scripture let the reader fix his eye. If Jesus only be your trust, you need not fear but what you shall effectually be saved, both now and in the day of his appearing. He should have had the prescription made up, and then it might have wrought gqte good, if he had taken the draught: It is entering into Jesus, hiding in his wounds.


The books of Scripture are the lilies among which he feedeth. See the matter through to the utmost of your ability, and pray God to help you to make a thorough investigation, and to come to an honest decision one way or the other.

Around the Wicket Gate

Some seem as if they had widket in love with their doubts, and fears, and distresses. We come to faith by degrees. Spuggeon, will your very fear of the wrath to come prevent your escaping from it? Therefore am I in terrible earnest to get my hesitating friends over the threshold. But if for some reason I had a doubt about it, and yet wished to believe the news, how should I act?

There is no other way. My reader, if God blesses this book to you, do the writer this favor—either lend your wickef copy to one who is lingering at the gate, or buy another and give it away; for his great desire is that this little volume should be of service to many thousands of souls.

Around the Wicket Gate — C. H. Spurgeon

Few remain unbelieving under a preacher whose great aroynd is Christ crucified. It is one trick of the devil to tempt a man to be satisfied with a sense of sin; and another trick of the same deceiver to insinuate that the sinner may not be content to trust Christ, unless he can bring a certain measure of despair to add to the Savior’s finished work.

This is grand faith; and iwcket it is no more than we ought to have. I am content to perish if it be not true. Surely something has destroyed your reasoning powers, for you would not think it so hard if you were in your senses.

Description The greatest of all tragedies must be fhe of the person who dies just outside the gate of life.