Asar Imhotep studies African Philosophy, Egyptology, and Greek Scholia and History of Scholarship. Asar Imhotep is a software developer and Africana. Asar Imhotep. likes · 44 talking about this. Asar Imhotep is a Computer Programmer, Poet, Photographer, Cultural Theorist and Africana researcher. The latest Tweets from Asar Imhotep (@imhotep06). Asar Imhotep is a computer programmer, Cultural Theorist and Africana researcher from Houston, TX.

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Naba passed away in the summer of One can see that the man who has become a doma-traditionalis has been a ssar and a questioner all his life and imhogep never cease to be one. He said he had to stay long there because it was really tough having to learn all of the deities that reside there. Consequently, these institutions were destroyed without taking into consideration their social, cultural, educational, spiritual or moral values.

Conclusion What I have attempted to establish here is the knowledge of a super highway of wisdom that is responsible for the mutual sharing of signs, symbols, ideas and customs from initiated scholars who have themselves travelled along these roads.

It is impossible to visit all of these countries for initiation to study and NOT share terms and concepts. This is why one must travel to experience the phenomenon in its natural environment. The bigger imhotepp we are asking is, “How does language shape human behavior using the concept of love as research focus?

Learn more at Author Central. As a result of our Kongo saar, we come to discover that Imn is still worshipped in central Africa under the name Nzambi.

What I have attempted to establish here is the knowledge of a super highway of wisdom that is responsible for the mutual sharing of signs, symbols, ideas and customs from initiated scholars who have themselves travelled along these roads.

He informs us that: He noted that his studies started in his home of Yendi as a young child. One only goes through initiation because one feels that the wisdom imhktep through axar experience is valuable in a practical sense, for everyday practical purposes. Clues to the piecing together of this fragmented story is codified in the rituals and mythologies of the cultures under examination.


Asar Imhotep –

Master Naba of Burkina Faso was an initiated healer who travelled the world teaching African science and philosophy and set up a school in Chicago called The Earth Center. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy.

Before we move forward we must define what the super highway imhotpe wisdom is. While a dieli [djele, griot] may rest content with knowing the genealogy of the particular family he is attached to, for a true genealogist — dieli or no — to increase in knowledge he has to travel about the country to learn the main ramifications of an ethnic group and then go trace the history of the branches that have emigrated. Before he died I had a chance to interview him and he brought out some information, again that was taught in sacred circles, that confirmed Mdw Ntr was not a spoken language; just a written language.

The Case of the Bakala of Ihotep America. Kajangu will inform us, the reason why there are common motifs is because of this superhighway of wisdom in which they have been exchanging ideas for millennia. I call [the] —superhighway of wisdom the network that makes it possible to establish a dialogue of mutual enrichment among wisdom traditions.

That is not keeping with African tradition. From here we explore the social dynamics of such an identity and its potential impact on African-American ethnic solidarity, cultural expressiveness, economic and political development and its subsequent power relations.

Ancestrally Asar Imhotep http: African tradition discourages direct copying of ideas. I speak about this today because we do have initiated scholars who have written about this superhighway of imhtep and it is through their writings that we will get a better understanding of exactly what it is and how African cultures influence each other to this very date.


But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? No single person is the mother of wisdom; it takes the sweat and tears of countless sages working together over thousands of years to build a wisdom tradition. These are the histories of various African groups.

“The African Superhighway of Wisdom” by Asar Imhotep

Much has been accomplished in the field of historical linguistics to demonstrate relatedness between African languages. A healer who wants to deepen his knowledge has to travel so as to learn about the different kinds of plants and study with other masters of the subject.

The blacksmiths were told everything about the history of metal-working in the lands of the Bantu, the characteristics of the various kinds of metal and how to recognize the minerals from which these can be produced. Kam Egyptian languages using the analytical tools of anthropological linguistics and comparative cultural anthropology. The field of linguistics helps us to penetrate into the depths of ancient mythology to discover what aspects of the myths are historical, and what aspects are created to provide simple explanations for world phenomena.

It is how the god Itn became Itongo in South Africa. During his initiation in pre-Western modes of thought and being in these iimhotep traditions, Mutwa memorized certain symbols and initiatory texts that he used as a background to craft a cosmological poem.