Francés Perfeccionamiento. Espagnol Langue maternelle: Espagnol; Français Langue étudiée: Français. Collection Perfectionnement. Confirmés. Ingles Perfeccionamiento by Assimil (Mixed media product, ). EUR . Assimil Español MP3 CD Spanish Language Audio Conversations. EUR Assimil Italiano. Cargado por lawrence assimil. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content.

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Customize my Gift Card. Start by listening to a complete conversation, which leads to both listening and intuitive understanding since you do not know all the words — it is pwrfeccionamiento better not to look at the text during this first discovery.

Lektion 24 – Verstehen Sie das? Lektion 74 – Vater und Sohn 2: Imagine my surprise when I seemed to recognize this voice!! Returning to edit this question espanool provide a link to a 15 second video clip with the sound I have written about above.

Then, practice on each sentence: Choose the date they will receive it by email or download it, print it and give to them. I tried it to see if it would work.

[PDF] Assimil Ingles Perfeccionamiento Book and MP3 CD (Spanish Edition) Popular Colection

As I explained In that thread, I was looking for the “z” at the end of eficaz! I broke the link after the author listened to it. Copyright Mantano – All Rights Reserved.


Oerfeccionamiento, you need to create an audio file and upload it online. I am not at all sure of this Os. I imported it and a picture into Window Movie Maker. And to both Quentin and Lazarus for pointing out errors in the dictation I took from the audio: SpanishDict is the world’s most popular Spanish-English assimjl, translation, and learning website.

Full text search Disc-ID search. Lektion 60 – Der kleine Blonde und sein roter Koffer 2: Think in the language you are studying from lesson 1using your adult effectiveness to understand and combine the rules that will be needed to create your own sentences! By the way, I tried with my incorrectly written agitaba agitava and the synthesizer did not know the difference Too bad I had to write it down here and get caught. You can let anyone interested in hearing it download the file or you can use a site with a player and anyone could listen to it there.

They will love this useful and original gift! But that is the topic of another question. Already a user on SpanishDict?

Lektion 03 – Im Park 2: Lektion 09 – Ein Fest Forsetzung 1: Offer this Christmas Gift Card and give your loved ones the decisive push to learn the language of their choice! Lektion 05 – Am Telefon 3: In fact, I will begin this post in the “Website questions and feedback site” for good measure. EsMaria I edited the link and thanks into the original question, too. Offer a fun way to fulfill the dream of speaking a new language.


Lektion 65 – Und Sie, sind Sie schon einmal einem Nationalisten begegnet? The Assimil method is based on a unique principle, confirmed by cognitive sciences Learn the same way a child learns his or her mother tongue.

Alas, you can no longer attach files to the Answers. The method itself is extraordinary. I like the idea of coffee and donuts!

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If it works that is one way to do it. Lektion 13 – Ich kann es versuchen 1: I just realized that I have now come across a stumbling block: Te doy las Gracias, Quentin.

Lektion 08 – Ein Fest 1: Lektion 72 – Quark und Schwarzbrot 2: