ASTM D Standard Test Method for Oxidation Characteristics of Inhibited Mineral Oils. Oxidation stability baths to meet test method ASTM D Oxidation Bath for ASTM D, IP , ASTM D, ASTM D, IP , ISO , ISO

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Then withdraw 6 mL of test oil into the syringe, hold the syringe tube vertically for 15 to 20 s to allow water to settle to the bottom of the syringe tube, and adjust the sample size to 3 mL while holding the syringe vertically.

Oxidation Bath for ASTM D, IP , ASTM D, ASTM D, IP , ISO , ISO ,

After all deposits are removed, rinse all glassware with a cleaning reagent. Determination of the oxidation stability of middle-distillate fuels. This standard is subject to revision at any d493 by the responsible technical committee and must be reviewed every?

For overnight storage less than 24 h the coil may be stored in n-Heptane. Soft copper wire of an equivalent grade may also be used.

D — 02 Methods D and D use a color change to indicate the titration end point. At that time, the state of severe oxidation of the oil, as indicated by the high acid number, is generally con?

An exception is where the oil is known to have a life shorter than h, the sampling is at the discretion of the operator. Shake the test oil sample thoroughly before taking a sample from the vial for titration. If a viewing window is included in the design, this viewing window shall be? The tube must be visibly clean and dry. Alternatively, temperature—measuring devices of equal or better accuracy may be used. Hold the tube on an angle and gently slide the catalyst coil into the tube. Preparation of Apparatus 8.


Adjust the heating bath liquid level so that the tube is immersed in the liquid to a depth of 6 10 mm. A number in parentheses indicates the year of last reapproval. Slide the s943 coil over the inlet of the oxygen delivery tube. Make temperature measurements only with new, undepleted, oil samples, and preferably with dummy cells used speci? The temperature measurement system uses a PT probe to ensure long term temperature s943 without routine maintenance or re-calibration.

Your comments will receive careful consideration at a meeting of the responsible technical committee1, which you may attend.

Your comments will receive careful consideration at a meeting of the responsible technical committee, which you may attend. Place the condenser over the oxygen delivery tube and test tube. NOTE 4—As an alternative to using the sampling tube holder and sampling tube spacer, the sampling tube may be secured in position by taping or clamping to the asfm delivery tube using a suitable adhesive tape or clamp.

Oxidation Bath with Oxflo Controller

Use of a very soft annealed steel wire may allow use of identical thread diameters for the two wires. Individual reprints single or multiple copies of this standard may be obtained by contacting ASTM at the above address or at phonefaxor service astm.

Copyright Stanhope—Seta Limited All dimensions are in millimetres inches 1. Check the temperature in this way in various parts of a multiple-cell bath to verify uniformity of temperature control. Several hours soaking in this manner often serves to loosen all adhering deposits except iron oxide. If the wires are uneven at one end of the coil, position the coil so that this end is down. The mandrel shown in Fig.


ASTM D – 17 Standard Test Method for Oxidation Characteristics of Inhibited Mineral Oils

Rinse thoroughly with tap water until all acid is removed. To use this indicator, the lower end of the strip is set at the upper oil level when the test is started.

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It is important to strictly adhere to the procedure and schedule for sampling for acid number. The test continues until the measured acid number of the oil is 2. Redistilled n-Heptane conforming to 6. When an actual test sample is used, remove the thermometer immediately after temperature measurement is complete.

Methods of test for petroleum and its products. Warning— Compressed gas under high pressure.

Immediately after withdrawing the? Insert the syringe sampling tube through the syringe sampling tube spacer, and into the sampling tube holder, as shown in Fig. Oxidation Bath with Oxflo Controller Part Number The Seta Oxidation Bath is used for quantative analysis of the tendency of oils and fuels to form sludge, acids and deposits when exposed to oxygen in the presence of metallic catalysts over extended periods.

If these steels are not available, other equivalent steels may be used, provided they are found to be satisfactory in comparative tests using Test Method D Safety features include low level liquid protection and over-temperature cut outs.

The 35 litre oil bath can accept up to six sets of glassware. D — 02 Dimensions are in millimetres inches.