Wishcraft has ratings and reviews. What they have in common–and what you can share–are Barbara Sher’s effective strategies for making real. WISHCRAFT Wishcraft: How to Get What You Really Want by Barbara Sher, Annie Gottlieb (Contributor). See larger photo. Discover the effective strategies for. Praise. “One of the most popular books among those who want their lives to count for something. Barbara Sher is to be commended for making.

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Wishcraft: How to Get What You Really Want

But zher a way, this self-help book is witchery because it guides you to begin to bend and manipulate your life in the direction you really long to go. This human, practical program puts your vague yearnings and dreams to work for you–with concrete results.

I honestly believe anyone who reads this book can gain alot from it. That amnesia can be so total that you’re not even sure anymore what you love. I know I will need to go back over and over again to various chapters depending on what I might be struggling with.

The new age-y title seems more like edgy spin for this nuts and bolts handbook for owning and realizing goals wild dreams. This little gem has baarbara around for almost thirty years now and I’ve worked through it a number of times, both personally and sharing it with friends, particularly those making life choices. Here’s what’s inside in a nutshell: She is the author of Do You Believe in Magic?: If for nothing else the book provides amazing tools for brainstorming sessions.


Sep 09, Jeanne rated it it was amazing. Apr 29, Lisa rated it it was amazing. For me, Wishcraft has been more than a book, it’s been a friend.

This human, practical program puts your vague yearnings and dreams to work for you—with concrete results. Also, I like the style of writing and its easy to read. Thanks for telling wishdraft about the problem. I am NOT a sucker for a good self-help book, but wishcrraft takes a very practical approach to figuring out what is important to YOU and then figuring out how to make it happen. Refresh and try again.

Wishcraft by Barbara Sher, Annie Gottlieb | : Books

If I had learned this skill when a teenager or young adult, I shudder to think about where my life would sheer at now! But even alone I feel like I can really achieve my goals now!

Now he’s a bookstore owner. Preview — Wishcraft by Barbara Sher.

Written by an expert for people of all ages wishcravt seriously want that something in wishcrafy. Tina Forbes was a struggling artist. Aug 27, Grace Samis added it. All these years later and I still have not yet implemented its lessons toward living a life I love. Alan Rizzo was an editor. Pentru anii in care a fost scrisa, cartea este destul de indrazneata, cu tenta femenista, pe alocuri.


It’s a good book. To ask other readers questions about Wishcraftplease sign up. Aug 04, Vicky. This human, practical pro Cindy Fox was a waitress. The first part is the “wishing” part, and Barbara walks the reader through several exercises that removes their inhibitions and allows them to reveal what they truly want out of life. That’s when you’re irresistible One of my favourite books of all time!!

About Barbara Sher Barbara Sher is a therapist and career counselor who conducts workshops all over the United States and throughout the world.

It would be a fascinating and motivating read. Suddenly the unachievable seems quite do-able and if you follow all the advice you will find great motivation to jump in and start taking first steps. Book ratings by Goodreads. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. You have to really read this one for the I haven’t finished this yet.

She is… More about Annie Gottlieb. This book was very helpful for me. I kinda knew what I rally wanted but with this book and all the exercises I could wishcrafy a plan!