Juni bei der CSU auf Kritik. Die SPD nennt die CSU “Alpen-Ayatollahs”. Die CSU plant, den Koalitionsausschuss anzurufen. Die Partei hat . Bayernplan Welche Versprechen die CSU gehalten hat – und welche nicht. Sept. Die CSU hat zusätzlich einen eigenen ‘”Bayernplan'” verabschiedet. Hier können Sie sich über das Wahlprogramm informieren. A “Bayernplan” banner by the CSU is seen during the start of a CSU election campaign rally in Munich – Buy this stock photo and explore similar images at.

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Although the SPD was part cxu four of the last five German governments, the party is currently undergoing one of its most difficult and disruptive periods after World War II.

However, opposition to the Grand Coalition within the SPD is now much stronger compared tosince most party members prefer a time of reflection and renewal in opposition. The spatial map is constructed on the basis of the aggregate positions of the parties on the two dimensions the left-right dimension and the libertarian-authoritarian dimension. In order to reconcile work and family, the CDs promote the right of parents to return to their job position they had before starting a family.

The precise party position is located in the centre of the ellipses. Such a coalition is already in place in Berlin and Thuringia at the state level. In the past, large efforts have been made by all German governments in order to encourage young people to start a family. Yet, in order to balance structural differences between the states and to promote national standards in education the central state relieves the states from high expenditures in the educational infrastructure.

Wahlprogramme der etablierten Parteien. By and large, the CD parties are not heading for significant changes in taxation. Economically the German CDs underline that the Eurozone shall be durably stable without bailout. This increases the number of parliamentary represented factions from four to six.


Moreover, the CD parties are heading for the introduction of country-wide learning-content which should be made available for teachers in a so-called e-Cloud.

Strategy Debates of political parties in Germany (November 2017)

Pensioners expect stable or rising pensions, due payers expect not too heavy burdens while some politicians talk about rising poverty among the elderly and promise generous payments. This has led to a severe internal struggle between CDU and CSU with regard to the implementation of a limit for the number of asylum seekers. Although the party is partly still dominated by strong business-friendly positions such as tax cuts, the party has not yet reached a consensus among key issue like pensions or health care systems.

Internal security In order to uphold internal security, the German Christian democrats announce In this overview of political strategy debates of political parties in selected European and non-European countries, the authors strive to present political analyses not in text form, but graphically and pointedly.

A large majority of byernplan 80 per cent of the Germans say that Germany is a country in which they feel good and safe. Within these years they lead government in different coalition settings; first with the Social democrats, then with the Liberals and then again with the Social democrats.

They were positioned in accordance with their official stances on the issues, as expressed in their party manifesto, website and other campaign material, including reports in the media.

The last year has seen an intense fight over the conservative profile of the Union, where the CSU heavily emphasised on the limitation of asylum seekers as means of stopping voters switching to AfD. The German political system, internationally revered for its stability, was disrupted by the Bundestag election outcome. Although the SPD implemented some of their key policies such as introducing a minimum wage, the party is unable to take the credit for it, partially because party has been a junior partner in the last two Grand Coalitions.


However, those voters fear that the intake of refugees will lead to cuts in social benefits for the natives. In the fields of taxation, welfare state politics, and especially in the field of old-age pensions, and politics related to the EU we can state a high degree of continuity.

Der Bayernplan , Regierungsprogramm der DSU by CSU | LibraryThing

Right now, it is unclear how this struggle will develop, since the parties seem to have agreed on a trace before a new government is in place. Since the overall economy runs well and the majority of Germans feel satisfied with their life, politics and the institutions of the state, this comes as no surprise.

Therefore, the German CDs are committed to the building of schools and of day care facilities. Hier geht’s zu den Strategiedebatten Deutschland November Voters did not reward them, although a huge majority of the population was in favour of this policy. Die Linke is strongly opposed to any military commitments and spending, focuses on the fight against climate change and puts an emphasis on multiculturalism.

Labour market policies The German CDs emphasize the need for skilled workers. These self-placements of parties were subsequently compared with an expert coding. In fact, the rise of the AfD ran parallel to the increased saliency of those csj in the public discourse since the intake of a high number of refugees in