Bedini Monopole 3 Group Experiment – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. This is a hands-on explanation of how to build a monopole energizer based on. John C. Bedini’s patent No. 6,, This system charges lead acid or gel cell. Bedini Monopole SSG – [5] Spool; 3” wide, ” internal, 3” flange. Bifilar Coil, turns (Longer coil = slower recharge between magnet pulse.

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Aaron, I would recommend a link to the source and a quotation on your site if you’re trying to sell the book as a product endorsed by Bedini himself. I mknopole very happy I got into it, I learned a lot already in a very short time and especially in a field I was totally ignorant in.

Why did I write this? The welding rods would aid in this energy storage, and increase the resultant magnetic field. I see the guide but I can’t be certain about it’s quality — there’s a lot of misinformation in this field of research and I haven’t seen John endorse this anywhere — it simply seems like a scam.

I’m still just kind of experimenting at this stage. In short, do not change anything until you have something working!!!! All along Keelynet was given the information. I feel that efficiency will be compromised until i have all 8 coils running and then tune each one individually with the scope. Bedini Omnopole Replication Video 2.


2011 Convention Video 5: Bedini Monopole Energizers 1, 3, 4, 10, 12, and 30 coilers.

But the design Peter has posted for recovery does work and the motor does run. The magnets can not be too close together and must be spaced evenly around the wheel. All of you are wasting your good earned money on neo- magnets, dime store magnets will do just fine stacked together. To link the article above use: John Bedini has now moved monopope science of radiant energy one step farther by discovering how radiant energy can be captured in CHEMICAL loads, such as the electrolyte of a battery!

Peter and Aaron has done a wonderful job on this digital download.

Convention Video 5: Bedini Monopole Energizers 1, 3, 4, 10, 12, and 30 coilers.

You can find the right magnets at Radio Shack or a hardware store. Paid and registered the lite version now.

My own thoughts are that ma for both monopope was pretty effiicient. Have now added two more coils to the wheel and I’m seeing better charging on the secondary banks now.

Here is a video of the wheel running with 4 coils. It has taken a huge effort to understand how the energy behaves in these circuits, and there is still a great deal to learn. Combined with the hotmelt glue that is holding the magnets to the wheel i think i have a very solid mount now.

The answer I got was — ‘It’s all on the website’ So I have compiled this information throughout the Amateur section for anyone who is interested in getting started.


John Bedini Monopole Generators

Edit- Just a note to anyone using fiberglass resin and hardener on their model. None of these things mean anything. Thanks for the info Randy and Aaron. If you apply too much current, you cause the transistor to cross conduct known as cross conduction current.

This ratio is a 12 to 1 charging factor.

To over come this I broke the machine into three patents, which cost my company three times the amount. TheDude’s – SSG pulsed radiant light at modvid. Test 2 starts at EMF pulse when you disconnect battery. Really having fun now.

Bedini SG – Official Monopole Forum

Virtins Technology includes instructions for making probes in help menu of program note: The destination batteries are then discharged to 10 volts under working load to prepare for Test 2. Lead acid battery not sealed battery Would also like to set up a proper battery switching system as it is not convienent to be around to monitor primary battery. Copyright – energyscienceforum. I know that several of you on Keelynet tried very hard to build bexini motor, but I said in the beginning, just build the motor the way I said to do it.

Running load bank watts for 10 hours continous.