JPJ4U Portal Kakitangan JPJ berfungsi sebagai pusat akses tunggal bagi kakitangan dalam Muat turun JPJ Aplikasi hanya melalui Google Play Store. – Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia. Hak Cipta Terpelihara. Dasar Privasi dan Keselamatan | Penafian | Hak Cipta | Paparan terbaik menggunakan . The JPJ numbers plate available for registration are divided into four dari Pengarah Negeri seperti kes pertukaran daripada ibu/bapa kepada Masukkan sampul surat permohonan ke dalam peti tempahan mengikut nama.

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I checked with the tint installer who informed me on this. Call to Puspakom to book the date for inspection. And you can renew it when you change name at jpj. Which already registered under different number. Jan 9 The cars should have been considered total losses but insurance companies chose to salvage them. I took me an hour to do it, as I was the fifth person in the queue. I just went to jpj to get my IC registered for MySikap.

So I wanna ask which way is the safest to sell car that won’t have any legal trouble or mess in future? Buyer and seller to discuss who will pay for inspection and change of ownership fees. Your Grandma With Kisses. Pls refer to Dropbox link TQ This post has been edited by boysrule: Nov 26 Latest update asof April from JPJ: Hi, My dad tukqr to transfer ownership of one of his cars to me the kid for NCD purposes not namma why, can anyone explain?


Alternatively, Seller submit forms and does the thumbprint scan in any JPJ branch, the new Buyer will only given 7 days after then to visit any JPJ branch for the ownership vehicle transfer completion. Share on Track this topic Print this topic.


Go early morning say 8. Will probably try the transfer in the next few days, just wanted to ask here borahg anyone here has done it before.

Obtain B5 form after pass inspection Cost RM30please remember to bring car cert together. And the dealer wanted me to refund the money to him. Geran is already with me Yes, original geran is need 2. In all of years of selling my 4 cars, I’ve never had car dealers calling me insistently.

Seller arrange for puspakom. Yes i do have the custom letter. I’m not too sure either. Show posts by this member only Post 9. It depend on the jpj officer.

Feb 5 Many Thanks if anyone know the process Hi guys, in the midst of selling my car direct to a buyer. Then, he will need to go to jpj office, get the JPJK3 form, signed tukarr thumbprinted. April 6, at 9: Use seller’s road tax. Show posts by this member namma Post It’s better to prepare the authorization letter in advance before going. Let’s say if the buyer still has a sum of outstanding balance with the bank and he is selling me the car at a lower price from the outstanding.


After the inspection, you will be given a report.

I’ve written a guide on selling car directly to buyer. How am I going to settle my car loan? I’m selling my car to a buyer using cash term.

Tukar Nama Geran Kenderaan

Then I will take the signed forms and go to JPJ with the buyer to do the name transfer. Buyer planning to take 20k loan and pay 40k cash to settle my jjp.

December 19, at 7: Nov 25 You’ll be out in half an hour: I did my inspection at Melaka. Asked him is it possible for a foreigner to register for MySikap, but he says its for Malaysians only. If you’re talking about letter of indemnity, the buyer has to give to the seller.