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Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 2 guests. Jan Tue 01, May Sat 23, 1: Keep your BOSE hate to yourself, someone might appreciate this. I picked this up today from goodwill. It’s missing the remote, battery cover, and the AM antenna, although I have both of these from another one of these I have.

It’s main issue was barely audible sound and a faint display. First step is to remove the 4 screws on the bottom.

Carefully seperate the black bottom from the remainder of the radio. Remove the 4 screws from the plate awr1-11w top of the power transformer, and the 2 connectors going to the board. Remove the power transformer, and equalizer board from the main board. In the pictures above you will see some discoloration on the main board, that is capacitor juice from the electrolytics.

ALL of the electrolytics except maybe the large uf cap will have to be replaced, including on the equalizer board, and under the shielded area where the 7. Once the transformer and equalizer are removed, disconnect the battery connectors from the box to the board, they are just pressed in place.

The board can be removed just by releasing a couple of small black tabs.

Here is the back side of the board. First thing you need to do is get some denatures alcohol and a paint brush. Once that is done begin replacing the electrolytic awr1-1ww.

Bose Wave Radio Am/fm Model Awrw Clock/alarm Black | eBay

I pick one value find and mark all of that value and then replace them. I mark the tops of the caps to make it easier to tell which ones I replace.

I broke one today, and fixed it with a small length of phone wire. I started with the 10uf 16v caps, I replaced them with 16v, 35v, or 50v since that is what I had. May Sat 23, 5: Had to make a run to Fry’s electronics tonight I did not have enough 47uf capsbut I finished recapping the main board and equalizer. This is the second one of these that I have found. This information is for the Generation 1 Bose wave Radio, the other radios have different circuit boards. I was very careful and only broke one trace, but I did mess up about 4 pads and had to do some “fancy” soldering.

I double checked the polarity of all the caps fixed one and powered it up. It works just fine. The next step is to recap the display board.

To get to the display board, use a small screw driver in the 4 square holes on the bottom of the main case. You will then be able to remove the front cover. To get the panel out, pull the speaker wires partially up through the hole in the case, the panel will tilt forward and can be removed. There are no screws in it, but there are 2 pegs that fit in holes on the circuit board. Electrolytic caps in the display board 2 – 1uf 50v 1 – 4. May Sat 23, 3: I recapped the display board except for the 2 – 47uf 16v caps, as I did not get enough of them from Fry’s last night, and the ones they have, would not fit between the board and the face plate.


I am not too worried about it as there is no capacitor juice on the board so I probably did not need to replace any of the display board caps.

I will replace the 47uf’s at some point later on. Recapping the display board and cleaning the lens did not make much of a difference on the display brightness, so either it won’t get any brighter or the 2 – 47uf caps might help, I don’t know at this point. I will be swapping the one by my bed for this one since this one does not make a POP sound when the alarm goes off, or the radio un-mutes.

Bose Wave System

In a bose wave radio looking from the awt1-1w the left speaker is the left channel and the woofer, the right speaker is the right channel and the “twiddler”, although there is not much separation, if you sit in front of asr1-1w close enough you can hear the separation.

Though some people claim that these radios do not have highs and lows, I would argue that they do. If you listen to certain Boston songs, or to the Star Wars theme song, in certain passages there are very high pitched “twinkling” sounds from a triangle I think that on cheap system you cannot hear.

You can hear them just fine on the wave radio, as to the low end, sure it’s never going to have awr1-1q Bass to play hip hop, rap, or dubstep, awr1-1d who listens to that anyways? It has plenty of low end to play pretty much anything from the 70’s and classical sounds especially good on it. Classical on a wave radio is what I go to sleep to. May Sat 23, 8: Since you said to hold the Bose bashing, this is what I have to say about their products: May Sun 24, 1: The flourescent display may have low emission.

They lose brightness with bse use, not unlike that of an eye tube. Seen a lot of vintage VCRs with the same problem. May Sun 24, 3: Well I thought so as well, but when I moved it to the bedroom, it was comparable to the other one I have, I think my bench light that made it look nose. May Sun 24, 7: At low volume all you get is muffled bass. When used to fill the room with sound, they do awr1-w pretty decent job.

I’m not throwing mine away. May Sun 24, 8: That’s not my experience. I listen to the radio at night before going to sleep. I usually have the volume set to 41 or 42, loud enough for me to hear but not the wife. I listen to classical at night, and 70’s during the day. Although bass is represented, I do hear all the other instruments in the orchestra.

I am not sure if this is the result of recapping the radio, as I have never heard one that was original. I have only owned 2, bosf both did not work when I got them. I would really like to see someone do an actual analysis of one of these and see exactly what it can and cannot do. I have done some googling and the only information I could awd1-1w on frequency response was a guy who tested them for what they could do on the low end.


He reported that they had good response down to 70hz which is more than good enough for most music.

But his analysis only went up to hz the response curve for that range was relatively level. I’ve never seen such a polarizing radio in my life.

I did work with a guy who sold them, he worked at a Bose store. He told me about the show they would put on, and I think the big reason some audiophiles do not like them, is that they trick you, by starting the show with a whole bunch of high end speakers setup and music playing, the lead you to believe that the sound you are hearing is coming from the large speakers.

Then one by one they remove the speakers which were never hooked up to anything and when the speakers are all gone, the only thing left is a table with something on it covered by a black cloth. The remove the cloth and reveal in early days a little Bose wave radio. Then to prove that the sound is coming from the radio they unplug it.

They would have people come up and check for themselves. He told me a lot of people would get really mad about this. Some refused to believe the sound they were hearing came from a little radio. He told me it was legit what you heard in the show came from that little radio, no trickery in that respect. I have a recording of him talking about it, I should post it some time.

Feb Mon 15, 5: Hope you’re still around.

How to Tell the Age of a Bose AWRW System | It Still Works

I also have the same model Bose that’s buzzing and want to recap the board. I’ve never done anything like this before, and even don’t understand the different boes of capacitors.

Since this radio is not worth paying to have repaired, I’ve bosf nothing to lose trying. I was planning to order the caps from Digikey unless you know of a better source. Problem is, I don’t know enough to say which types of capacitors to order.

Would you be kind enough to share with me the types of capacitors I’ll need?

Bose Wave Radio Am/fm Model Awr1-1w Clock/alarm Black

I know they’re electrolytic and their values you posted that – thank you. I wanted to just email the list to Digikey, but I’m afraid they may ask me what type for each Adr1-1w need, and want to be able to answer them. Feb Mon 15, Feb Wed 17, 6: That’s not to say I’m not up to the challenge. Thing is, there doesn’t appear to be any cap leakage. And, I’ve read somewhere that the IC the heat sink is attached to can also fail swr1-1w cause a buzz.

Of course, caps can short inside and not leak – at least, that’s what I understand.