BPT VLS/ relay can be used to control auxiliary devices such as alarms, stairway lighting, additional bell system. It is housed in a protective casing with an . Bpt VLS/ Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Bpt VLS/ Instruction Manual, Installation Instructions. BPT VLS/ BPTVLS BPT access control interface relay. AC/DC 10 to 24 volt. New, unused tested stock in original box with instructions. £ BPT.

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If the entry panel features a display, the “privacy” status of the receiver called will be displayed.

DPS code Single pushbutton complete with support and external protective cover, transparent UV-resistant polycarbonate Name window. DPH code Double-height pushbutton complete with support and external protective cover, transparent UV-resistant polycarbonate Name window.

BPT VLS/, Relay, system | VLS/ | relay

Th The B e BDDE DDE s suppo pport rt – a – a sophisticate ated d d dyna ynamic mic replication pr proce edur dure e – en ensu sures es the th int in egr egrity ity vps of th the d e data ata even in the he ev event t of of partial out outages. OSD S Supplementary information concerning the 10 of the calls and the system can also bpr displayed on the “basic” X1 receivers. Perla Audio and video receivers A soft, modern look Excellent audio and video quality Easy to use v vERsions and colours Colour video receivers Ice white Fusion black Fusion black Ice white Audio receiver The Perla wall-mounted audio 11 video receiver with 3.

Customers also shopped for. Panic Alarm This function allows the user to send a silent alarm or emergency signal to the porter switchboard.

Local command for door lock, inputs for door lock release buttons, door status signalling devices, output connector for activation of external cameras. This means that all the processes carried out by the company are closely supervised and controlled in order to guarantee the maximum possible efficiency and effectiveness in terms of the quality of our products and services.

Bpt VLS/ Manuals

Please make sure that you’ve entered a valid question. USB cable, length 4. Col Co our Ice White. Pro rote tection rating IP The porter switchboards can intercept all calls made to users of t the he system.

control equipment and accessories

Local command d fo for door lock, inputs for door lock release buttons, door status signalling devices, output connector for activati ion on of external cameras. Complete with 2 active grounded inpu nputs ts for c connection n of of pus pushbu h ttons for lo oc cal ac actio tionin ning o g of t f two wo of the three e relay ays s and a button for programming g th the m e meth ethod o of f activation of the receivers with L LED to to signa gnal d l data ata r reception f fr rom th he e BUS line.


Table-top support and wall-mounting brackets available on request. Colour video receiver with hands-free audio, 3. The system remains activated until cut off by the timer. If a second call is received while another call is in progress, the images will be displayed as shown opposite. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Access will only be granted when all four of these parameters are complied with. Embroidered landscapes and plants by ana teresa barboza. Each “block”, controlled by a power supply module, is independent and thus can not only control all local communications between that block s entry panels and receivers, but also receive and transfer calls to and from other blocks.

Special version for the hearing impaired. The unit is housed in a casing measuring xx26 WxDxH. Purchase separately the second receiver and the additional butt uttons for the entry panel. Line impedance closure switch for each output. Whether the receiver is in the same apartment or a different apartment, the procedure for transferring the call is the same.

Simply reposition the jumper on the power bpy upply ply module to enter programming mode and enter the code using the keypa pad d or position the badge so that it is read by the reader. With the introduction of the new 2. The porter switchboard will be alerted by an acoustic and luminous alarm signal, which will be recorded in the events memory. Accessories s f fo or r iin ns st ta al llation DD DDSI V VR R code Em mbe be edd 110 box f for Digitha entr try y p panels in brushed st stai ainl nles ess s st stee eel Wit W th s h self-locki cking couplings and pre-for formed m push-out aperture ures f fo or wiring conduits.

By pressing the key repeatedly, images from devices on the list can be displayed in circular sequence.


Col Color or Ice I white. Once selected, the call from the entry panel is put t on hold and a call is made to the user. Up to two porter switchboards can be installed for each system m. All the wiring can be neatly and quickly positioned in the e specia al l conduits.


The call will be audible only from the receiver to which the button is connected, until the button is released. Btp por rt ter te ter sw switc itchbo hbo hboard ard ar can also be us sed ed to to cal call t l t the he rec eceiv eivers ers rs d di di dir rec rectly and t 11 o transfer calls made from the entry panels.

Iceberg 50, regalmd select, fini ultimat moulures. The he im ima images ges c ca an b n b n be d e d e disp isp isplay layed ed e ed m man anually in seq sequence from the receivers using the “self-con onnection” n” fun functi ction. Tinned copper wires, colour: Navigating through the various menus is simple and intuitive, using colour codes for immediate association of functions with different colours. The porter can receive and distribute all all calls lls throughout the sy yste stem, m, and can also transmit a vlls signal from a locallycon nn nected webcam.

Vps terminals will be programmed using the programming tool and provided with a list of all the users served bpy the system. The he he he h X1 X1 X1 X1 X X sys system tem em ca ca ca ca can b n b n b n b n be s e s e s e s e supp upp upp upp upp upplem lem lem lem ement ent ent ent ented ed ed ed ed by 110 by by by ins ins ins ins ins n tal tal tal bot tallin lin lin lin ling a g a g a g a g auxi uxi uxi uxi uxilia lia lia lia liary ry ry ry ry cam cam c era era as, s, rem rem rem rem remote ote ote ote ote ac ac ac ac actua tua tua tua tuator tor tor tor tors a s a s a s a s and nd nd nd nd man man bppt man many o y o y o y o y vlz the the the ther f r f r f r f r feat eat ea eat eature ure ure ure ures.

The table-top installation kit PHKT consist ts o s of a f a pree-assembled ed tab tab blele-top 1001 stand with non-slip rubber pads on t the he bot ottom tom surf rface. Product details Delivery Destinations: The latest digital sensors, together with sophisticated d im image-processing algorithms, guarantee superlative video qu qua ality in any ambient conditions.

Fully compliant with CEI latest amendment. Mitho is much more than just a video receiver: Protection ion rating IP Tinned coppe per r wires.