Restorations of Masonic Geometry and Symbolry Being a Dissertation on the Lost Knowledges of the Lodge by H P H Bromwell. In , Bromwell began work on what was Restorations of Masonic Geometry and. HPH Bromwell. As always, I direct the serious student of Masonry to HPH Bromwell’s book ‘. Restoration of Masonic Geometry and Symbolry’ as the book to read.

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If the Masonic Light is in the East then an aproach from the East to the West would represent worship of the forces of darkness. We note that the Moon ranges wide than this, and Mercury even wider. The center square is the cubic foundation stone of the lodge floor for scale purposes. It has and its very subtle one. One of the main things that are depicted mwsonic the Lodge are astronomical lines such as the equator, the tropics and the artic circles.

The scale would run from the size of Our King to the size of the Heavenly King, via seven planetary spheres. The whole idea of the ritual is to remind us who we are, where are, and what restortaion are doing. At one point Michell says that. The idea is to align yourself with the will of the world, the Divine Plan as revealed to us in Restoratio.

Henry P. H. Bromwell – Wikipedia

Bromwell shows how the floors of the three degrees are developed astronomically, then relates that to the Bible proportions showing that it is part of the same system. Comp Chris Hoover August 9, at You will restoraiton that it is an open square. Participants in these rituals are not seeking to control natural forces, but to imitate them.

Archived from the original on Remember that ellipses have two focii focal pointsand that the earth is not really a sphere but a flattened oblate spheroid.

Also Noah’s Ark is described as restlration x50x Bromwell Masonic Publishing Company. Retrieved from ” https: The magic square of the Sun has 36 squares arranged in 6 rows and 6 columns, geomery of which features one of the first 36 numbers. Unlike the Hebrew names which were not to be spoken, the Greeks sang theirs out. Other astronomical lines of importance are the tropics marking the Sun’s range and the arctic circles. Sunrise, death, is the symbolic release of the Sun’s soul from the Demons of Darkness which had swallowed it at sundown.


Saturn was worshipped by the Romans as an offspring of the Sun, and ruled the Titans before the Olympians were in power. In terms of measurements, interior measurements pertain to inner things, while outer ones to outer things; just as a wall is a border to both the street and to the room. To make the visible order of the cosmos the model for architecture, government, etc.

Views Read Edit View history. We must travel the road and only be sure of parts unless we join in a common goal of real enlightenment not some antiquated age of aquarius nonsense. Riverside Cemetery Denver, Colorado. We are reminded of Jacob’s Pillar. The outer circles are the circle of the heavens in two hemispheres. Next he throws us a curve ball by saying that every Temple was aligned and proportioned according to the deity or aspect of the cosmos that it is intended to represent.

The two circles touching are, of course, the hemispheres. While geometry and astronomy went hand in hand as far as the ‘measure’ of the orderly universe, they were connected through legends to what we call ‘the soul’s journey’. Including Noah makes eight which brings us to double squares again.

Henry P. H. Bromwell

In the image above geomeetry see that the horizontal centerline is the equator. These letters are in Hebrew as Samekh, Lamed, Mem, Nun and their geometric values aretogether adding up to a number which is number of degrees Sun passes from East to West, from Life to Death. Peter Tompkins, in ‘Secrets of the Great Pyramid’, compares general notions about measuring and mapping the Earth and the sky symbolized by the terrestrial and celestial globes of Masonry to those of measuring and mapping the sky.


It is all about what we conclude from the esoteric,This is older than the pyramids,The Sumerians and Egyptian Thoth worshippers. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Had he ever read Bromwell, he would see that he Bromwell was not ignorant of those principles. Because we believe this work is culturally important, we have made it available as part of our commitment for protecting, preserving, and promoting the world’s literature in affordable, high quality, modern This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original. Msaonic note that Jupiter king of the planets after having deposed his father Saturn and the Teitans takes 12 years to bromsell the sky.

Restorations of Masonic Geometry and Symbolry: This is the third Pillar of Cosmos, always elusive and hidden to us it is manifested in our inner Lodge. As to the floor of the Masonic Lodge, we begin by looking at a theoretical Lodge room designed by a working architect, intended to rrestoration the form and situations of the ritual, as well as the astronomical forms on the Earth.

The Holy Place in the Temple is a double cube. Restoratioh was not a Mason or an architect. Hebrews, Muslims and Egyptians begin their day at sun down because that represents the soul entering a body to them.

These three phases are also three degrees of Craft masonry, the Blue Lodge. This originator of duality, is the Logos, Divine Thought. The year begins in these culture at the September Equinox when the Sun moves below the equator. I believe that Albert Pike states the case better when he says that: