In the early phase of my long association with Morihiro Saito Sensei which end of his life, Saito Sensei always had along his copy of Budo in the Iwama Dojo. Here again, as usual, Saito Sensei refers to his master, Morihei Ueshiba. The aim is to create, with the assistance of the traditional budo style of aikido.

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“Takemusu Aikido — Special Edition” available as Ebook!

This is the feeling of aikido. The Founder studied a variety of different martial arts, competed against many other disciplines and realized that competition is not necessary. Children and elderly alike bdo all enjoy training and become good Aikidoka. He said that you should shout from the abdomen.

In true budo, you do not express yourself in words or writing. That means without competition. Each of them is aaito in the whole.

Interview with SAITO Sensei – Iwama Ryu Aikido

It is true that people are different. O’Sensei The Founder says, “This is not good. Some learn with their minds by listening, while others learn with their bodies by watching. No matter how good bjdo is in judo, if he or she takes a kendo sword and looses against a student, he or she is not a Budoka, but a Judoka.


“Your Key to Understanding the Evolution of Modern Aikido Technique!”

Site Map Saitto us Printable format. That means sometimes pulling when he or she pushes and pushing when he or she pulls which is satio a form of awase. It is important to make kiai. Therefore, for every technique, there is a basic form. Some people can talk well, but if you watch them closely, they do an aikido no one can understand. Kiai is something that comes completely naturally when you have ki or energy. In order to keep his martial art alive, from that moment on he started to enthusiastically explore Aikido in Iwama by worshipping the Budo Guardian Spirits and praying every morning and evening.

It will be welcome. It is not powerful and has no energy. No matter which of the three you take out, bokken, jo, or taijutsu, alone it is not complete aikido. Dojo cho Aiki Dojo:: This is the demand of O’Sensei. In a competition, people soon start to prefer a certain technique sajto wait for an opportunity to use it. When O’Sensei started to talk about aikido, it became tales about God.

In Takemusu Aikidobit by bit, new techniques appear spontaneously. A variation of a principle of aikido can be applied to anyone, big or small, obese or slim, stiff or supple. xaito


The aim is to create, with the assistance of the traditional budo style of aikido, a beautiful world that is like the house of a big family; to never compete again. Training without kiai does not make big progress.

Skip zaito main content. Usually people who talk a lot and write good essays cannot also do good aikido. So aikido is especially useful in real life encounters and situations because we train in a variety of ways that are not necessary to use strength nor violence. Make a bigger kiai!

Each master probably has his own philosophies, but I do not like to talk too much. The main difference is surely that there are no tournaments or competitions in aikido. Even as number one in Japan in kendo, if he or she puts on a judogi and is thrown by a student, he or she is a Kendoka and not a Budoka. Or when the other one is a restraint person, you should spur on and encourage them.

Some people say aikido is a collection of techniques, but that is not true.