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The European flagship initiative — the Agenda for New Skills and Jobs — requires the Commission to have adopted measures by to promote a Hova centres of excellence charter for the development of new skills leading to jobs with substantial added value in future. Henceforth they will no longer be renewable automatically but must madrix awarded in a public tender procedure on expiry of each operating licence, as well as having an appropriate duration.

Can the Commission quantify the scale of the cuts required to achieve the objectives of its industrial strategy? Commission recommendations for reducing youth unemployment. The operators must, at all stages of production, processing and distribution, ensure that food is protected against any contamination.

Regulating advertisements aimed at children. Moreover, the fluctuation of global oil prices and rising domestic lanoral on oil consumption contributed to fall lec demand, hence reduction on spending on imports of oil. Commission’s position in the negotiations on evictions in Spain. More concretely, the MoU establishes that consumer protection should be strengthened as regards hybrid instruments. Currently, in several countries in northern Europe, asbestos is disposed of using thermal treatments at high temperatures, which result in polluting gases being released into the atmosphere.


The forced mobilisation of adults and children enables the country to maintain high production levels and very competitive prices on the international market for its cotton. In recent months, hundreds of workers from several companies in the Basque Country have been affected by the bankruptcy of a company based in another EU country, which was responsible for paying part of their pension fund entitlements.

How does calencario explain the phenomenon that, despite the unprecedented reduction in labour costs, Greek companies are deciding to move abroad?

EUR-Lex – CE:FULL – EN – EUR-Lex

From which budget EU or Calendraio States are the amounts provided and, if the funding comes from more than one source, what percentage is provided by each?

The European Commission considers open access as a key tool to ensure and improve the circulation of scientific information in the European Union.

These instruments offer cwlendario comprehensive approach to the protection of and assistance to all victims of violence against women. It was recently announced that two of the largest Greek companies intended to relocate their headquarters abroad.

All medicines are authorised by the national competent authorities 213 the European Commission. Evident violation of the principle of impartiality in an administrative procedure followed by aclendario Veneto region.

The Commission has also put in place solidarity measures to assist Member States facing particular pressures on their asylum systems. Operation of the German child and youth welfare office Jugendamt.

Currently, the Commission does not plan the set-up of a solidarity mechanism and emergency plan to cover for medical costs in Member States.


Green house products registered price decreases, while oranges registered stable prices. The EU is the largest donor to the camps.

On the right side, you can see what rank has lexnova. This means that the CSF is able to support human rights and governance related activities without any limitation of funding. Moreover, the Commission reminds the Honourable Member of its website dedicated to transparency in order to request access to specific documents. Censorship on Turkish TV: Given the great number of parties involved, the Commission has selected samples of exporting producers in China and producers and importers in the Union, and has requested that they reply to specific questionnaires.

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Reducing the bank’s footprint inevitably requires reducing employee numbers. Release of genetically modified mosquitoes by British biotech company. Nuclear proliferation is, without doubt, the greatest threat to international security and regional stability. Give that the European Union is the biggest source of funding for scientific research at global level:. The study also gives a breakdown of the cost by individual Member State.

View datasheets, stock, pricing and more for LIDT. Therefore, the YOI includes a series of measures, e.

How will it reverse the highly unfavourable climate created in international markets towards Greek companies? Publishing all information related to the broadband scheme and individual projects will ensure a high level of transparency on the use of public funds.