Caressed By Ice (Psy-Changelings, Book 3) [Nalini Singh] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Brenna, a she-wolf Psy, was abducted by a . Caressed By Ice. Nalini Singh. Buy This Book. What is it about emotionally distant men that make my inner heroine stand up and take notice?. This is the thread where you can freely discuss Caressed By Ice and the previous books in the Psy/Changeling series. *SPOILERS* allowed, so.

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Looks like I’m the first to post. CBI is my favourite of the series so far. I’m finding it interesting that some people prefer the Changeling caressd. But I obviously have a preference for the Psy hero. I like it not only for Judd and Brenna’s nallni, but also for how the overlying arc has been developed.

And how we get a glance back into history as well. I also like the small glimpses we get into the lives of other characters – Sienna’s frustration, Hawke’s loss, Nate and Tamsyn’s love, Kaleb’s ambiguity.

I’m so glad that we are still not certain who Kaleb is. Lesley – I very much enjoyed Judd and Brenna’s story, but Lucas will always hold a special place for me. I have carsesed very strong feeling that Hawke will too.

I like the strong alpha personalities. I’m captivated by Hawke now.

His history is so tragic, I just need for him to get his HEA, now. You know what I mean? I do think that CBI was the most emotional of the books, despite having a Psy hero. I’ve only read CBI once, so I’ll have to go back and reread it. But now more than anything, I want Hawke’s book.

And I’ll tell you, I’ve tried to draw Nalini out about Hawke and she’s not giving an inch. I’m going to start offering up bribes soon, I think. I think Nalini gets better with each book. But I’ve read them all at least 4 times each or more.

I love all the characters well, not the bad guys but everyone else. I want more, more. I’m currently rereading CBI. I love Judd for his struggle to protect Brenna. Did any of you note how subtly Nalini hinted at their bond although they didn’t recognize it until Judd removed his conditioning?

From Brenna’s reaching out for him while asleep and dreaming and Judd’s noting the nudge at his mind while out bombing that lab onwards. And the statement near the end that through their link, as smothered as it was, she had been able to bleed off the effects of becoming psychic so that her mind didn’t explode.

Oh there’s so much there from the very beginning that shows how strong their link is no matter how much he fights against it. I do wonder if Sienna is Hawke’s mate reborn as a Psy?


It’s stated Hawke lost his mate two decades ago and Sienna is He might not sense the bond because of her conditioning, the way Judd and Brenna couldn’t until he broke conditioning. So what will happen when Judd removes his niece’s conditioning? Though I’m uncomfortable with the age difference between Sienna and Hawke.

What if Hawke’s mate was abducted by the Psy all those years ago and he finds that out and tries to rescue her? Do any of you wonder if Kaleb could be the Ghost? But if he was Santano Enrique’s accomplice on those early murders like Nikita assumes that doesn’t fit. Especially since there’s a mention of the NetMind having reported on another serial killer and behaving erratically like it did before under Enrique.

Or, could Enrique have forced him to watch his killings without being able to interfere in order to “shape” him into a good Psy? But then why didn’t he leak the knowledge to people if he was repulsed? Did you note at the end that Toby may have E-Psy ability because he’s generating color sparks on the Lauren-net? Sascha will be delighted to find another E-Psy. I can hardly wait for October and Nate and Tamsyn’s story and then we have to wait until February for Clay’s.

Caressed By Ice — All About Romance

I want more more more!!!!! I just don’t really know how to sum all of what I feel up. It was an amazing book and I loved it. I loved Judd and Brenna! I hope that sienna is Caresssed HEA. There is something so right about them, despite the age gap.

I also have to say that I love Kaleb! Put me in the Kaleb fan club!

Caressed by Ice

Thanks Nalini, you did it again. What did I like about CBI, as always, the interaction between the two main characters. The bond between them was strong, even if t he two characters didn’t recognize the mating bond till the end. The way Judd was willing to feel pain just to have happiness. The way Brenna was willing to accept Judd for the way he was, but at the same time understanding that he needed her.

Other things that I love about this book and NS others are the interaction of the children, the way the changeling will do anyting to protect the children, the scene with Judd and the 4 year old where he tried to hide him was great.

But I also liked that NS added that the changeling and the psy are the same in the fact that both species can produce monsters. That with the good you have to bad. She seems to be able to break through to him and make him feel, how long do we have to wait for his story!!!

Of course I would. I love everything NS writes. I told her she could probably write a textbook and make it hard to put it down.


These stories are pure gold. I took the quiz and it said Judd. I absolutely love guys like him. I also think that Sienna is Hawke’s mate. I think she will be like a female Judd if she keeps up her training with Indigo. I am so happy that we got a look into the wolves den. I love Indigo, Lara, Andrew, and Riley. NS made me fall in love with their characters like I fell in love with every other character she has ever invented. I can’t wait until Clay’s story.

Being that I am black I love a story about someone of my race wrote by my favorite author. I love the Psy-Changeling world that Nalini has created. It is so unique and offers many potential conflicts Sooo much to think about!

The love story between Judd and Brenna is so powerful.

I think their story is so gratifying to me because both of them had such tremendous personal battles to fight and they both had to struggle to understand and accept their love for each other. All those complications made for a wonderul story. I can also see Hawke and Sienna together some time in the future.

She constantly rattles his cool demeanor and he constantly pisses her off. I know it was said that there is one and only one true mate for Changelings, but perhaps there is some loophole I hope so anyway I think I missed the vibe about Kaleb possibly being the Ghost.

How’d I do that? I am in an interracial marriage and have two daughters who are obviously mixed race and heritage and I absolutely positively love the way Nalini has created this world where so many of the characters are of different and mixed races accepting and loving each other.

AND the fact that the Psy, Changeling, and humans are coming together, too? I think it is wonderful, and so very important, for authors to write characters with such diverstiy as Nalini has done. Whose story is that, hmmm?

Rubbing hands in anticipation. Also, will you be posting more of a teaser for Clay’s story later? The sngh at the end of CBI is not enough! Jenny – you need to drop me an email. You won the contest linked to my post at the Writing Playground. The novella is set in the past, in the aftermath of the Territorial Wars.

You sinvh a look at what Psy used to be like among other things. Clay’s book – yes, I’ll probably put up more of it a bit later. Not just yet though. You might get a deleted scene from CBI sometime before then.