Read the latest magazines about and discover magazines on Il più Compatto e Leggero* nella Storia degli Obiettivi – Tamron · Catalogo mm F/3,5 (Model B01) – Tamron · Catalogo. Grazie alla tecnologia proprietaria incorporate negli obiettivi Tamron, attrezzature di fabbrica calibrato Specifiche è tenuto a servizio molti dei nostri obiettivi e. Vendita e noleggio di prodotti e materiale fotografico professionale, nuovo e usato. Sala di posa e workshop in sede.

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It adopts three Molded-Glass Aspherical elements, four LD elements, one UXR element and other specialized glass elements for excellent correction of different aberrations. Tamron will leverage its proprietary high-precision optics technologies and leading-edge lens production technologies to become a leading manufacturer of lenses for vehicle-mounted cameras. Moreover, through the active utilization of UXR Ultra-Extra Refractive Index glass, Tamron has developed even more compact designs while achieving good tqmron of aberrations.

Once registered, you are entitled to service provision as part of the 5 year warranty in all of the countries listed below: Combining a wide range of shooting scenarios with high definition, high tamrno and high quality, this lens will continue to open up new possibilities in photographic expression.

Remote controls – Controls IR triggers accessories Slides – joints – brackets – supports. Tamron has developed advanced proprietary catqlogo for manufacturing these advanced polycarbonate materials to a very high degree of precision, and repeated tests have confirmed their long-lasting properties and dimensional stability under the toughest conditions.

This enhanced level of boiettivi results in much lower levels of on-axis central chromatic aberration for telephoto lenses or zooms used at telephoto settings and a significant reduction of lateral peripheral chromatic aberration for wide-angle lenses or zooms used at wide-angle settings.

Downloads – Tamron

Accessories – Filter holders — Rings Solid squared Filters mm. Corrects aberrations effectively to deliver high rendering performance. Ideal also for macro photography, the lens sports a minimum focusing distance of 0.

In response to the widespread use of full-sized digital SLR cameras, this high power zoom lens now comes with even more sophisticated features. Multiple-Cam Mechanism for Smooth, Stable Zooming and Precise Focusing at All Focal Lengths The manufacture of compact, high-quality, high-power zoom lenses became a reality only when Tamron perfected a lens chassis that permitted stable and smooth extension of the lens barrel.

From portraits to landscapes and studio work, enjoy rendering power like never before. SinceTamron has also issued Environmental Reports to introduce its socially responsible philosophy obiettivvi practices for environmental preservation. Obirttivi and protection of natural resources 3. Tamron has developed an improved proprietary version obiwttivi BBAR multi-coating that successfully increases light transmission in both longer and shorter wavelengths. By utilizing XR Extra Refractive Index glass, Tamron has achieved a compact size together with good correction of aberrations while maintaining the optimum balance of overall optical power.


These innovative optics allow us to achieve the ultimate in image quality, and at the same time produce lenses that offer remarkable zoom ranges in extraordinarily compact packages. Chromatic aberration reduces the sharpness of an image, but glass with an extremely low dispersion index has less of a tendency to separate diffract a ray of light into a rainbow of colors.

It is also equipped with a PZD standing-wave ultrasonic motor for faster autofocus and noise reduction, together with a VC Vibration Compensation that effectively corrects camera shaking that can occur under poor light conditions or in the telephoto range. Illuminatori portatili e accessori. Le oblettivi sono a carico di Tuttofoto. Certification regarding the environment and quality control is also being applied to all of Tamron.

Aperture ring is not tamrno. Flower-shaped hoods remove the parts of the hood that would otherwise show up in the corners of the frame, and conversely extend the hood length to its limits where possible elsewhere, such as the portions covering the long sides of the frame. This key component enables zoom lens barrels to be extended and retracted effortlessly, achieving commendably compact dimensions at the wide-angle settings, while holding precise extension at telephoto settings.

Thoroughly compensating for aberrations with ibiettivi glass molded aspherical elements, two LD elements, one UXR element and other specialized glass elements, and featuring the latest coating technologies to dramatically inhibit flare and ghosting, Tamron has delivered a breakthrough in sharp picture quality.

A macro lens for sharp descriptive power and obietfivi blur effects Depict subjects close up with 1: These international standards include the ISO family of standards relating to quality system management, and the ISO series for certification of environmental management systems.

Enjoy shooting at telephoto end or capturing fast-moving subjects. There will also be no associated problems on photos taken in this situation. Xatalogo very rare cases, malfunction may occur when obiertivi signal transmission between the camera and lens is not performed correctly.

However, there will be no associated problems on photos taken in this situation.

LENSES » Multipliers – Duplicators

Toggle on the macro switch at a zoom telephoto range of between mm and mm, and you can approach your subject down to a minimum focus distance of 0. Unleash your photographic freedom with the ability to easily shoot hand-held, even in low light. Thanks to the natural sense of perspective of a medium telephoto, in addition to macro photography the lens is also catapogo superb choice for portraiture. Three LD elements thoroughly correct for yamron chromatic aberration, while the effective fusion of the new eBAND coating and the taamron BBAR coating drastically reduces light reflections that cause flaring and ghosting, producing picture quality that is at the top of its class.


European Union, Andorra, Gibraltar, Iceland, Norway, Turkey or Ukraine The 5 year warranty is a voluntary guarantee offered by Tamron that you receive if you register your lens within two months of the date of purchase. Telescopes – microscopes accessories.

Promote environmental education 7. Lens Hoods Conceptual diagram of a flower shaped hood All Tamron lenses come with lens hoods as standard. Optical Devices Tamron develops a broad range of high-precision lens components such as various aspherical lenses, specialized prisms, devices for lasers, dichroic mirrors for color separation, polarized beam splitters, special multi-layered thin film-coating products and test plates for quickly and precisely inspecting the precise specifications of objettivi surfaces.

With two specialized XLD elements and one LD element, the lens reliably delivers sharp images by fully correcting any aberration. The lens also boasts improved operability enabled by IF Oiettivi Focusing system, which focuses without protruding the lens group, together with a full-time manual focus that enables fine focus adjustments. PZD Unit Diagram USD Ultrasonic Silent Drive USD Ultrasonic Silent Drive is an ingeniously upgraded autofocus-drive system developed by Tamron to deliver the extraordinary auto-focusing speed and precision needed to capture every nuance of high-speed sports action, along with virtually noiseless operation as required for discreet picture taking.

Indeed, polycarbonate of this caliber is the material of choice whenever we produce high-precision components that require the strength to obiettivl rigorous use. Glass of this type obiwttivi an abnormally large partial dispersion ratio amount of diffraction for light of specific wavelength ranges colors within the visible spectrum.

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