CatEye product manuals for the entire line of CatEye cycle computers, headlights , safety lights and accessories online support at CatEye CC-CD [Astrale 8] manuals and user guides for free. Read online or download in PDF without registration. CatEye CC-CD [Astrale 8] • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!.

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When odometer value is set to desired number, press “SET” maunal button to accept and enter wheel calibration mode. Cateye atc cyclocomputer instruction manual model cc 23 pages.

Installation of the Computer on Your Bike. Secure the nylon ties. Manuap the measurement unit, kilometer or mile, by pushing the. Cycle through the modes until Tm or the clock is displayed. Our Cyclecomputer database is your starting point when looking for information on cyclecomputers. Pressing the “MODE” button will cycle the computer through the modes: Comments manjal this Manuals Your Name. For first use or after replacing the battery. I want to change the clock to 12 hour and have Mph displayed.

If you do not want to astrle over with on rhe Odometer, write down the old value and then enter it in when resetting the computer. Afletcher – 4: I’d just go and convert to metric. Maximum speed function is cancelled by use of cadence function. Use a ballpoint pen or other pointed object to press the “SET” button underneath unit.


Cateye Astrale 8 Owner’s Manual

You need to know the. Cat eye enduro 8 cyclocomputer cc-ed owner’s manual 2 pages. C Enduro owner’s manual Mity 2 owner’s manual Battery: Mount the cadence magnet and cadence sensor. Allow enough wire clearance in the area marked with.

Small mmanual of a bicycle in upper right astrald that unit is running. The calibration number will flicker. Put the rubber pad 8 on the bracket 1 and secure the bracket on the handle bar with the. C Cordless owner’s manual.

Cyclometer Calibration Procedures – Cateye

I suck a little less now, but the cord iss way too long. Please read these instructions carefully before installing or screw. This is only a label, the reading is unaffected. Extreme Veteran Chicago, IL. Cateye cyclocomputer cc-at with altimeter function instruction manual 20 pages.

To cateeye reading between miles and kilometers, appropriate wheel calibration number must be entered. C Mity 8 owner’s manual Battery: To select which weel calibration value to use: Press “MODE” right button to enter “odometer setting” mode.

The clock displays hour time if the computer is set to record kilometers, and hour time if to record miles. Spin the crank arm backwards to test if Cadence is reading.

Push all three buttons at once and hold for at least two seconds. Setting is fixed and completed by pushing the SET button. Mity 3 owner’s manual.

Entering “set” mode for total reset: JPG Attachments pullastake2. If these buttons are further held down for more than 3 seconds, the wheel calibration value moves between “A” and “B” values.


Old versions of manufacturers’ Web sites preserved on the Internet Archive may list older models. Wheel calibration number will appear Changing setting: Cateye solar cyclocomputer quick installation manual model cc 11 pages.

Secure the cord on the frame or the fork with the nylon ties 9 and coil it around the brake. Make certain that there’s enough slack so that you can turn the handlebars fully in either direction, without pulling on anything. F Solar II owner’s manual Batteries: I wrapped the excess up and used the zip ties to secure the extra cord to the slant bar probably not the right name for itbut is there a better way to secure the extra cord?

CatEye CC-CD200 [Astrale 8] User Manual – Download

Got it, continue to print. Remove and re-install batteries. To switch wheel size setting “A” or “B”: Cateye micro wireless cyclocomputer owner’s manual cc-mcw 3 pages. Replace batteries when depleted whether or not the computer has been used, to avoid corrosion.


It links to owner’s manuals for most cyclecomputers. Don’t show me this message again. F Kosmos owner’s manual Battery: