At a time when the Christian church faces an ever-increasing challenge from a secular and pluralistic culture, leading apologist Norman Geisler provides a. Norman Geiser’s masterful work, Christian Apologetics, is a very thorough textbook that builds a strong epistemological foundation before even. £-V3 / Christian Apobgerics NORMAN, GEISLER UT-DAUASllBRARltS BT G43 stax .. One cannot draw l he limits of language and thought unless he has.

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There is not even a reparatio or capacity for repair.

Giesler takes a “no apolohetics unturned” approach to each topic. Furthermore, the more we feed on the perfect Idea, the more perfect we become. In fact, all matters of experience imply a possible contrary state of affairs. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Following the critique of agnosticism comes the evaluation of rationalism.

Both are “must” positions regarding knowledge as opposed to the position that we may or do know something about reality. Not only did the rationalists offer no demonstration of their axioms, but they differed in their conception of them and even drew differing conclusions from them.

Hence, it is impossible to be an agnostic. But if it is possible that some meaningful statements can be made about reality, then we are not left with complete agnosticism christina acognosticism. And certainly there are no valid proofs for the existence of Chrixtian.

Ayer recognized this problem and engaged in recovery operations by W ay of a third category for which he claimed no truth value but only a useful function. Does revelation give a noman of politics?


Paul wrote, “For now we see in a mirror dimly. But what are these proofs?

Book Review: Christian Apologetics by Norman Geisler | Apologetics

If skepticism is true, it is false. The Leibnizian principle is distinctively rationalistic by comparison with the thomistic one. First, the principle of sufficient reason says that nothing is without a reason; that is, everything has a reason or cause.

Rather, it is an analogy of faith which is vhristian through the Bible and given by God’s grace.

English Choose a language for shopping. What is not contra- dictory could possibly be true; what is contradictory could not possibly be true. London, ; modern edition by C. In a word, truth is subjectivity. In addition to reinforcing what you’ve just read, these summaries are an easy-to-use reference for later use. Chapter 8 alone is worth the money spent on this book.

Characteristic of a rationalist’s approach to God is the ontological argument from the idea of a perfect or necessary Being. See Paul Feyerabend, ed.

Christian Apologetics

On the one hand, if the world had a beginning in time, then an infinity of moments must have elapsed before the world began. And once it is thereby granted that something is real, they can move more easily toward proving that it is logically necessary that something exists. The second or strong form agnosticism is mutually exclusive with Christianity.

Nor is it a life determined by imme- diate interests but one controlled by ultimate concern — that apilogetics, a shift of man’s center of interest from the present moment to lifetime duty. But after reading it, and discussing it, I have an understanding of world views and tests for truth.


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Just how Descartes overcomes this sensory doubt is an instructive lesson in a classic rationalists move. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Summary and Conclusion There are two kinds of agnosticism: There is nothing in the mind that was not first in the senses. For religious truth is ultimately truth about a Person God ; it is truth that must be appropriated by a person the believer in a personal way, namely, by a personal commitment.

An overlooked contribution of Van Til’s view is his insistence that no aoplogetics or historical “facts” make any sense outside of a metaphysical framework. Failing thus both theoretically chrisgian practically, the failure is complete. There is l.geislsr logical and historical evidence to support the thesis that rationalism is based in intuitivism and leads to either mysticism or, by way of reaction, to fideism. Another contribution of aploogetics is the understanding that faith is more than intellectual, it is volitional.

It remains to be shown that this something is a necessary Being. Devoid of three sides it would not be a triangle. He lived in a France drunk with the wine of Cartesian rationalism and lcreasingly drifting to deism. He and his wife live in Charlotte, North Carolina. Kant was wrong in rejecting the preformation of the mind to reality.