Established in , Crap Hound is the seminal mixture of social commentary and somewhat overindulgent graphic design zine edited and. CRAP HOUND NO·5 THIRD EDITION SEAN TEJARATCHI, EDITOR. PUBLISHED JULY Fred Seibert MIPCOMJr Magazine Article. Uploaded by. An interview with Sean Tejaratchi, the creator of the zine Crap Hound.

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Sean Tejaratchi, Craphoind Hound Age: Recent review from Heinous: BoxPortland, OR checks: When did you launch your zine? What inspired you to do so?

It was launched craphoound October I was inspired by friends around me who did zines and by the idea that I didn’t have to wait for other people to make what I wanted to see. I was inspired by the DIY ethic. Why publish a zine?

It’s very, very satisfying. It allows me to work hard and gives me something I can take pride in, as far as workmanship and constructive effort. It has put me in contact with people around the world who share similar interests and ideas.


Crap Hound – ZineWiki – the history and culture of zines, independent media and the small press.

I publish because I was tired of waiting for other people to publish things for me, and because of a general disgust at the way things work in the “real” world. What should be known about the selection I’m providing for ” The Book of Zines “?

They make me laugh. The pictures came from many different sources. Many were contributed by friends around the country, and a few came from scrapbooks I’ve been keeping since high school.

Do you do any other zines? The King of Oral Love.

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A nightmarish journey to the center of a turd. Any general tips for aspiring zinesters?

The model you follow in your head is more often than not based on irrelevant patterns set by large, professional publishers with millions of dollars and no conscience. You are obligated to no one when you start a zine. Think about each step yourself, from the physical size, to the focus, to the printing and distribution.


Are you doing it for fun?

Then make choices accordingly. Don’t try to make everyone love you and your zine. What’s zinne favorite part of doing a zine? Holding the issues in my hand and feeling like I have actually accomplished something that I set out to accomplish. I also love fine-tuning things in the late stages, and zinne all night alone at the light table with the music playing behind me. In my other life, I’m an: Elfen wizard, and a fourth-level bandit, and a fifth-level demigod, and Where are my sided dice?

Sean Tejaratchi When did you launch your zine?