Buy D-Day: The Battle for Normandy by Antony Beevor (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. D-Day has ratings and reviews. Matt said: Christmas break, my sophomore year in college, I went to England and France with my brother, my dad. Beevor has established a solid reputation as a chronicler of WWII’s great eastern front battles: Stalingrad and Berlin. In addressing D-Day.

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Beevor maintains the tension throughout, while pointing out how, by mid, the quality of some German units in France was pretty low.

Except daay the French resistance made up of fractious elements, much like the Syrian insurgents todaythe French had lived in reasonable comfort among the Germans, whose orders regarding public behavior were strictly enforced. Return to Book Page. Beevor is very good on how heavily the burden of premonition weighed on men. The pleasure of this book lies in the vividness of an episodic narrative, backed up by besvor use of quotation. A great example of this is the Falaise Pocket.

D-Day: The Battle for Normandy by Antony Beevor: review

Want to Read saving…. And, of course, there are battpe pictures of horror, including a description of cleaning human remains from the inside of a tank with a mess tin and spoon. Biggest invasion of all time.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. The story is told from a broad perspective covering command decisions, strategic analysis and battle descriptions. They paid a horrific price, particularly in the Caen area for Montgomery’s dilatory attitude and execution during this campaign.


That was 8 years ago.

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De Gaulle and some of the French were so ungrateful and pretentious to reluctantly admit that the liberation of France was due more to the American, British, and Canadian efforts. Needless to say, this will likely become a separate article in the divorce proceedings my wife eventually files against me.

Then you had the leaders of the factions within the resistance — the nationalists, the communists, the marginal groups — arguing with each other. Given their terror at being under fire or seeing comrades hit might provide an answer to why they acted as they did.

General Eisenhower is a very worried man. The high point, antonu least for me, was our trip to Normandy. See all reviews. He also takes sides against Montgomery, for no readily apparent reason. Beevor details the difficult and often contentious internal relationships political beeovr personal among commanders One of the most comprehensive accounts of the invasion I have ever read.

Feb 23, Ann rated it it was amazing. But here the paragraph has to suffice where a couple of pages of analysis would have been better. The Battle of Arnhem: How I envy him. It sounds a bit dry but the recounting is a highly entertaining and fascinating read that’s a real page-turner.

Overall, I didn’t know a lot about the D Day landings before I read this book, but it has given me a factual insight that I will never now forget. Meanwhile the shortcomings of the Allied leaders are not overlooked by some margin, particularly in this authors opinion that of Montgomery.


Even the high commanders, such as Rommel the great tank commander of the Northern Africa campaignwas trying to convince Hitler to surrender. But worth the every page and word I read. To get the free app, enter your beevro phone number. Not that war is a good thing, or enjoyable.

Review: D-Day: The Battle for Normandy by Antony Beevor | Books | The Guardian

This is the first book to describe not only the experiences of the American, British, Canadian, and German soldiers, but also the terrible suffering of the French caught up in the fighting. Beevor has done a thorough job say and retelling stories of the campaign for Normandy. In his usual style, Beevor describes events from a wide range of perspectives, from the grand strategies of the leaders down to the experiences of ordinary soldiers and civilia Beevor is one of the few modern writers of WW2 history that can take a subject that is to me old and shelf-worn and make it fresh and exciting again.