The Twilight Tomb (Dungeon & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Adventure) [Greg A. Vaughan] on *FREE* shipping on. Product Blurb: Stand Against the Coming Night! Shadows in the forest deepen as an oracle among the Yuirwood’s half-elf inhabitants foretells the reemergence. The Twilight Tomb (D&D module).jpg. Rules required, Dungeons & Dragons, edition. Character levels, 3rd. Authors, Greg A. Vaughan. First published, September The Twilight Tomb is an adventure module for the edition of the Dungeons & Dragons.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The PCs are drawn into this dangerous realm, pursuing their own ends see Adventure Hooks.

The Twilight Tomb – D&D Wiki

You’ll see the introduction plus a sample encounter for The Twilight Tomb. The Twilight Tomb — How? The menhir circles-whicp are dif. Mourel’s wicked experiments included tbc execution. As the player characters explore the Yuirwood, their investigation leads deep into the wilderness, where they discover the portal to the dd&d Night Realm. Set into a cavity atop Mourel’s cylinder is a footlong plati.


He was s’een as a voice of moderation and was very popular a1nong the star el ves. If hccscapes, he disappears into the night sky of the demiplane. He pretends to be thc leader of tbe baod and demands to know the charl! If you did and didn’t take it, you really have no one to blame but yourselves.

This act is similar to. He was recently hired by a powerful wizard to transporta object of great. Thorns carry the sleqi arrows commonly used by pi.

Realm has no true weather. Rhe Elf Skcletons- 3: Unfortimately for the ill-fated oitshai, after Mourel’s defeat, tbe high. Views Read Edit View history.

Monster Manual lll, Momters of. The whole area appean [ have been a gratid batlroom, but it more recenlly seMed as a battlegrotmd. d&

The Twilight Tomb

Miiscles, tendom, orgam; and twilkght are exposed. If the characters take Thraka up on bis offer and returns with or witbout the key from area 49, the mercenaries wait fqr Jhem herc and ambush them t.

Athenaeum Arcanum EL 8.

Also, knowing to run away from an obscure monster from Libris Mortis tobm a module that claims to be designed for level 3s is a bit counter-intuitive. Tolg’byri became a victim of treachery, and the nilshai’s fledgling army is now led by a half-orc named Savera, whose true nature remains a mystery to “his” followers.


The Twilight Tomb – Wikipedia

The adventure takes place in the Forgotten Realms setting. This hook works particularly well for parties that have one or more elf or half-elf members from the Aglarond area.

Once, urns aud coffins were stor d in this hurial vault and magically sealed into the niches. When the high mages finally captured Maure! Here the star elves stord tbe compiled knowledge of’ hundreds of generations. Mourel uses his mind thrust ability against fighters and rogues.

D&D 3.5e – Forgotten Realms – Adventure – The Twilight Tomb

33.5 through the transparent door for the large furnace reveals a long, narrow chamber with a sliding glass panel where bodies could be placed within and their ashes removed. Wrrior LE Medium h4manoid ore. GhoI glyphs cannot be affred or byp: