Here are but a few examples of the many Dealmaster screens and printouts . why the Dealmaster Pro bridge simulator program is ideal for Bridge Players. Dealmaster Pro is so extensive in its capabilities that no serious bridge partnership should be without it and it is a must for teachers. You can restrict the dealing.

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PrecisionL, on October, Trinidad, on October, Hanoi5, on October, Community Forum Software by IP. And then the complaints about the number of voids, singletons and 8-card suits started. Is there another dealing program that will make appease the club members who want a more random hand generation – perhaps similar to the current ACBL tournament hands?

It includes a table with the frequencies for all possible hands. Pfo this for dealmastterhands and I think you will find that the match is quite close.

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Remember – most peoples hand shuffling does not give random results. There are dealmasterr number of other dealing programs out there. One well liked program – BIg Deal – is now dealmastfr in Dealmaster. It’s random number generator is mathematically more robust than the base one in Dealmaster, but no dealmqster a way that anyone would notice even if they played every day.

Thanks for the reply. After 90 days and 60 deals and hands, most players are not convinced that this program approaches statistical norms. Most players wouldn’t be able to evaluate “statistical norms” to save their life. I suggest that anyone wishing to implement computer generated hands at their club start with a one month control period – where you actually shuffling everything by hand yourself, but tell them they were computer generated. Then let all the superstitious people with selective memory about voids and such come out and complain and make fools of themselves before you actually switch.

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True, but my partner is a math major and I am a statistics minor and both of us are suspicious of the non-randomness of the hands so far. Time to get over it If someone feels a specific program is being less than random, there must be ways of checking for flaws dealmastef fixing them if found. I must admit that there were more wild distributions, but I don’t really care.

After a while people accepted the fact that they were now playing ‘really’ random deals yeah yeah, it’s not truely random, I know ddalmaster, while they weren’t in the past. While most dexlmaster the hands are random, I’ve also noticed the relatively frequent occurance of non-random hands, or rather, series of non-random hands.


The program seems to function properly most of the time and then can go completely nuts all of a sudden. To give just one example, I’ve noticed that there appear quite a lot of series of 5 or 6 hands in which one player picks up the same spot-card.

I haven’t dealmatser able to obtain an advantage from this yet, but I should be able to in the future. For example, noticing that north has held the club 5 for 4 or more hands in a row, I’ve started to expect north to hold the club 5 again on the next hand. Looking at some of the next hands where north did not hold the club 5, I’ve also noticed a very high percentage of hands where north holds an approximate club 5, for example the club 3, 4 or 6.

I don’t have hard numbers but I am convinced there is a correlation here. BTW, I was also a math major. If the code, for example, uses the standard C library random number generator, these complaints are likely valid–it is a very poor random number generator dealmastdr for quick “randomish” values for testing–no one should use it for serious simulations such as bridge dealing where a good approach to randomness is desirable.

If deal,aster code, on the other hand, uses a good random number generator such as the Mersenne Twister, I suspect we are seeing artifact of selective realmaster. It would really help if someone knowledgeable in computer science took a look at the underlying code. Given dewlmaster the number of bridge deals is a little less dealmasrer 2 96one would need a 96 bit Mersenne Twister.

That requires a not so standard PC.

In Big deal, the random generation is performed by involving input from the user. In the front end by Kaj Backas, one needs to click a number of times with the mouse. dalmaster

The timing and location of the mouse clicks provide the randomness. I don’t know how Big deal is implemented in Deal Master Pro, but it wouldn’t make much sense to implement it without using the method Big deal uses to generate the random numbers.

Bridge with Larry Cohen

I don’t know how this things work but I remember someone made a deal generator in our federation in the 90’s and the seconds needle from the clock would start the randomness. If you’re able to control your typing to the microsecond, you’ll be xealmaster to influence the RNG though not much, because they also bring in things like “number of free sectors on the disk, system uptime, process id, Oh, and the entropy-generators do handle “suspiciously repetitive same delamaster typing” – i.


All platforms have something sane for generating entropy and cryptographically-secure random numbers for seeds and such.

It did about 22 before it blocked not enough entropyand after that deqlmaster took about 10, 15 seconds of playing around to get another set.

Generate a Hand Record « Palo Alto Bridge

I’m sure if I was playing FreeDoom in another window, it would have gone faster: Now, any bridge hand generator that doesn’t do the BigBook method of generating hands now is being lazy and by lazy, I mean not reprogramming it. I realize that physical security is even now more of a danger than cryptanalysis, but we should be able to see the “set bits” and the BigBook “page” for every hand generated, on the hand deakmaster.

The data shows dealmasteg bias toward excessive voids or singletons. In that sample, DM Pro deals were slightly more deslmaster than BigDeal, but the difference is not significant. Every time DM Pro deals are generated for club play, the user is invited to print a statistical summary. The data is accumulated. When four or five thousand deals have been created, there is significant data for an informed judgment re accuracy of the shapes compared to standard expected.

Finally, we believe DM Pro can create every possible bridge deal. No one has proven it cannot. DM Pro uses a unique deal generation process. The above mentioned data prove its effectiveness. A document describing the process is available by emailing dealmaster at dealmaster.

I didn’t look at these hands but the test portion of the report proved that the results were as xealmaster. You can do the same.

That ended the controversy. Yes the players still noticed a difference between computer hands and hand shuffled hands.

Have you ever watched your opponents shuffle in team games? Most shuffle only twice. Is it any wonder that hand shuffled hands are flatter with fewer singletons voids and long suits than there should be? Is there another dealing program that will appease the club members who want a more dealmasterr random hand generation – perhaps similar to the current ACBL tournament hands?

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