decreto ley de pdf printer. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, 20 am. Looking for decreto ley de pdf printer. Will be grateful for any. Ser. – Bra. 3. COLOMBIA Code of procedure in labour cases (Codigo proce- sal del trabajo — Decreto-ley no. ) of 24 June Ortega Torres (comp.). LEY 13 DE ; LEY DE ; DECRETO DE ; DECRETO Y DE ; DECRETO DE ; LEY 23 DEL

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Del Proceso de Conocimiento. Conduct of trainings and education for labor protection workers Article Provisions relating to non discrimination in labour relations, protection of labour rights, subjects of labour relations, representation of workers and employers, collective agreements 11948 collective bargaining, job placement, labour contract, working time, rest and leave, wages, guarantee and compensation payments, labour discipline, material responsibility of labour contract parties, labour protection, additional guarantees and advantages to several categories of workers, labour disputes and State social security.

Liability of employer for harm caused to the life and health of employee Article Compensation for material damage caused by the criminal, Part 6.

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Responsibility for the production and sale of industrial products that do not meet labor protection requirements Article Individual prevention of violations Chapter VI: Professional participants of the labor market in the field of labor protection Article De los Actos Preliminares. Exhibits and circumstances to be proved, Part 4.

The Law does not cover, inter alia, the export-import of goods and services. Legislation on labor protection Article 3. Responsibility for Violation of the Legislation Chapter V: Introduces a number of amendments aimed at the democratization of the public authority bodies and their governance. El decreto se estructura de dereto siguiente manera: Makes numerous amendments to the Act in particular with respect to maternity leave.

Responsibility for violation of legislation on labor protection. Establishes, inter alia, the general principles of the transparency of the activity of public authorities and management, the procedure and the means of ensuring the transparency, of the publication of the information on the activity of public authorities, also the procedure and the terms of the consideration of request on receipt of information on the matter.

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Act on 19488 procedure to bring the Constitution of the Republic of Ubzbekistan into force. Special prevention of violations Chapter V: An Act to provide for the guarantee of the right to information of all persons and to establish practical effective mechanisms supportive of that right and for related matters. Resolution of disputes Article These include recruitment for purpose of exploitation, abduction, and forced illegal custody.

The content of the new text of the law as follows: General Provisions Part II: Resolution of disputes Article Set up in undertakings, organisations and state farms with workers or more.

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Stimulation of the activities of organizations in the creation and issue of means of labor protection Article Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 22 September consolidation. Payment of Insurance Money upon the Occurrence of Insurance – the case for compulsory insurance of the employer for civil responsibility Chapter IV: Repeals the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers No.

Article 19 provides, inter alia, for benefits and guarantees for employees of State owned organizations and regulates the question of job placement of the above mentioned category of employees. Measures to prevent criminality, Part 7. Makes numerous amendments to the Principal Act in particular by introducing a new section 1A entitled Tripartite Labour Advisory Council.

Introduces a new edition lley the law No.

El citado decreto reglamenta el art. Provides for easier conditions for enterprises to be created, registered, as well as fiscal, banking and visa advantages to facilitate 1984 investment.

Cartilla Derecho Procesal Y Laboral

An Act to provide for the amendments to certain Acts. Competencies of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of labor protection Article Establishes the post of Ombudsman with the power to investigate alleged unlawful acts by any branch ly the Government. Rights and obligations of employer in the field of labor protection Article Act of 2 July on citizenship.

Rephrases, inter alia, article 16 basic labor rights of a worker of Labor Code; supplements Criminal Code with new article violation of the legislation on the age of marriage consent ; amends Family Code introducing wording changes to articles 15 age of marriage consent17 medical examination of persons getting married53 recognition as invalid of the marriage concluded by coercionrecovery of alimonies for the children placed in child-care institutionsadoptionconsent to adoption of a child being adoptedconsent of parents to adoptionlegal consequences of adoptionprocedure of cancelling an adoptionalso introduces minor wording changes to articles,cancelling articles The following Acts are amended as set out in the Schedule: General Provisions Part II: Article of this part establishes penalty for concealment of vacancies and for untimely submission of information concerning forthcoming dismissal of worker.

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Final provisions set, inter alia, dispute resolution, liability for violation of the legislation in this sphere. Establishes and from 1 July implements the renewed Classifier of Basic Positions of Servants and Professions of Workers, which sets, inter alia, the general provisions concerning the purpose of the Classifier; also the structure of the Classifier; the characteristics of application of the Classifier; incorporation of amendments and supplements to Classifier; normative references; appendices No1, No2.

Competencies of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of labor protection Article Adopted by Act No.

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Economic bases of activity of bodies of self-government of citizens Chapter V: Dicta normas que regulan su funcionamiento: The Act contains provisions regarding remuneration s. Provision of workers with milk, medical and preventive nutrition, carbonated salt water, personal protective and hygienic stuff Article Labor protection services of an organization Article Otras disposiciones de naturaleza laboral contenidas en la ley de presupuesto conciernen la fecha de pago dereto salarios, el impuesto a las retribuciones, las retenciones sobre salarios y los accidentes del trabajo.

Article 19 provides, inter alia, for benefits and guarantees for employees of State owned organizations and decrefo the question of job placement of the above mentioned category of employees.