Breath of Fire IV. After centuries of war, the two lands bordering an impenetrable swampland have finally reached an armistice. Mysterio.

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If you grow weary of your travels, you are always welcome here.

Inside is a kid standing next to a hole. Breath of Fire IV: Just head south from the entrance and continue your way.

Breath of Fire 4 (e) Lösung / Walkthrough

The four holes don’t really serve a purpose. Drop and return to the fork, heading north. This boss is pretty easy the first wind, but at his second wind, he will start to hit the whole party, so watch out. Nothing too challenging, even when you first come here, and at level 40 they present no resistance at all.

After you are done head back to the town of Tantar. The elder feels a pity that he only sees a glance of the animal fre finds out Nina and her party has arrived. Tower of Wind There is a new path leading to the tower appears to the north of the place between Wyndia and the forest.


Breath of Fire – Walkthrough

Have control on Ryu and Nina first. Upon killing the Knight, walk up to the gray contraption and pull out the key from the machine.

It’s impossible to obtain GP without some sort of cheat device. The second level of this dungeon is pretty similar to the first one. After exchanging words, the merchant will give the desired item to the party. Head back south and immediately to the east.

Surprisingly, it’s a shield. Before examining the gold pillar, heal all of your units up. Return detonafo the path you ignored previously and proceed that way.

Breath of Fire – Walkthrough

Going south at this point will net you yet another Herb. Meanwhile, back to Rudia Town, a trial is being held. The following are the children’s hiding place: Hurry down the stairs into a room similar to that in Agua. You can either use the Dragon Heart breatu save it for the next boss that’s much better.


Find the stairs and head up. It becomes the world of Master wanted.

The Let’s Play Archive

Gobi is capable of walking underwater because he is um Yes Right when you enter the town you will be arrested for absolutely no reason. Here’s the prize of this bonus dungeon, one of Fou-Lu’s equippable items.

First, head directly east across a tiny bridge. Equip that on Nina if you didn’t buy one back in Winlan. Do just that and jump back into the water.

Now this is where it gets sorta tough. Walk up and around to the transport tile leading to the middle platform. Say “No” twice and then say breagh.