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Buy DIN () Thermal Insulation And Energy Economy In Buildings – Part 7: Air Tightness Of Buildings – Requirements, Recommendations And. DIN January Thermal insulation and energy economy in buildings – Part 7: Air tightness of buildings – Requirements, recommendations and. Find the most up-to-date version of DIN at Engineering

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August Number of pages: Measurement and control – Measurement and control instruments for panel mounting – Nominal front- and cut-out-dimensions.

Energetic evaluation of heating and ventilation systems in existing buildings – Part Standardization – Part Energy efficiency of buildings – Calculation of the net, final and primary energy demand for 1408-7, cooling, ventilation, domestic hot water and lighting – Supplement 1: Representation of 7-bit coded and 8-bit coded set on media-flexible disk cartridge.

Thermal insulation and energy economy of buildings – Part 7: Mechanical vibrations, oscillations and vibration systems – Part 2: Publicly accessible buildings and workplaces, design principles.

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General technical specifications for building works; Low-voltage installation and medium-voltage installation with nominal voltages up to including 36 kV. Laboratory 4108- safety cabinets for microbiological and biotechnological work; safety requirements, tests. Two-part connectors for printed boards; grid 2. High fidelity audio equipment and systems; minimum requirements for magnetic tapes 4 and 6 for audio recordings.


Warehousesystems with powered industrials trucks; code of practice for the protection of persons when operating with trucks in narrow aisles; safety requirements, testing.

High fidelity audio equipment and systems; minimum performance requirements for magnetic recording and reproducing equipment.

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Get a quote for certification of systems, products or services, and get certified. Dimensions and allocation of probes and gas-specific connection points for terminal units for compressed medical gases and vacuum.

Font CMC 7 for magnetic ink character recognition; characters and nominal dimensions. Firefighting and rescue service vehicles – Vehicles for roller containers – General requirements. Definitions and constants of radiation physics. Lead storage batteries; starter batteries with 10,5 basic fastening lugs for commercial vehicles; nominal capacities and main dimensions.

Fasteners – Part 2: Pupil intensity as a measure of retinal illumination. Terminal markings for motor vehicles ; examples for application on circuit diagrams. Ductile iron pressure pipes with socket with cement-mortar lining for gas and water pipelines; dimensions and masses.


Symbols for equivalent circuits of piezoelectric crystals. Totally enclosed fan-cooled three-phase induction motors squirrel-cage, sin IM B 3, with rolling bearing; mounting dimensions and relationship frame sizes-output ratings. Totally enclosed fan-cooled three-phase induction motors with squirrel-cage, type IM B 3, with rolling bearings; relationship frame sizes – output ratings for type of protection flameproof enclosure “d”.

Product grade A washers – with a hardness up to HV designed for use with hexagon head bolts and nuts. Photobiologically effective radiation, quantities, symbols and actions.

Interface between data terminal equipment DTE and data circuit-terminating equipment DCE for synchronous transmission on group band circuits at 48, bits per second. Heat generation and domestic hot water generation.

Fire resistance of electric cable systems required to maintain circuit integrity – Requirements and testing. DIN Part 1. Technical delivery conditions; Property classes for nuts with fine thread ISO classes.