View and Download Sequential Drumtraks operation manual online. Drumtraks Drumtraks Drums pdf manual download. Sequential Drumtraks Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Sequential Drumtraks Operation Manual. Sequential CircuitsĀ®. sixtrak and drumtraks Parts & Manuals PARTS * MANUALS * SOFTWARE * SOUNDS * SURVIVAL KITS. SIXTRAK Parts, Manuals, &.

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Drumtraks, Drum Machine from Sequential Circuits.

Log in Become mannual member. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Write a user review Ask for a user review. Not satisfied with those reviews? Request a new review. Our members also liked: Sort by most recent most useful. The Sequential Circuits DrumTraks is a unique drum machine, made in the ‘s.

Sequential Drumtraks 400 Operation Manual

DrumTraks is unique because of the editing capabilities it has, which are far beyond it’s time. This isn’t as a popular as many of the other drum machines from the 80’s, mznual it’s quite a formidable model. The studio that I’ve used it at already had the whole drumtdaks set up and ready to go so I didn’t have to deal with making any of the connections.

That said, it shouldn’t be difficult to get it up and running. Part of the drumgraks with DrumTraks was it’s editing capabilities, but learning mnaual interface and how to use it to it’s full potential is a challenge.

I’ve barely scratched the surface, as this day and age it’s really not necessary since you can do everything on your computer. What DrumTraks is still great for is the sounds I like the variety of sounds possible here, as the editing features make it easy to alter sounds. I wouldn’t use this for anything other than getting true drum machine sounds, as working the box is going to be a better bet for getting realer sound drum samples. I never would have known about it if I didn’t get the chance to use it at the home studio of a client.

It’s definitely a cool drum machine to have, as when worked in as a creative force, drum machines like this can really be cool. I’m honestly not sure what one of these would cost but if you’re looking for a vintage drum machine, it’s worth looking into.


Did you find this review helpful? It’s a BAR which I am sure will be in a few years a “must have” and we seek to have. And tampering although we rediscover this machine and manuaal little secrets. Once the Eeproms are installed, it’s another world, nothing to do with the original sound delivered. vrumtraks

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And here we are with a truly unique machine that groove well as it should and sounds are tunable, programming is simple.

In short a good BAR which is little known and whose potential is unknown, they are so huge for the time.

If you keep, because one day its rating explode and then she has a pretty face and is very sturdy! Listen to George Clinton, for example: This is not the machine to make the Kompakt minimal or techno and even less hardcore, but to make the disco or synth pop is ideal.

By noon, the machine responds well. However, the pads are generally fontionne not beeaucoup or conversely too. Interestingly, when a jack is plugged into a separate outputs, the route does not cut the overall output. Bizarre, then in the end, not bad at all.

Sequential Circuits Drumtraks – Sequential Circuits – Encyclotronic

Detune the CR is too huge! Whenever I sell it, I miss it in a qq bought years later uses it, get tired, forget the resell, then bought another Given that the price remains the same for 15 years Anyway, I’m a fan of Sequential 1 I a prophet and from always Today it’s been 3 years since I no longer use it, but it is sure that it will serve in the future: Still provide 2 or 3 slices on the console: The sounds are modern and fully editable and in real time.

SOUNDS very realistic sounds, the top is Linndrum, but you get closer to the drumtrak attention to the fragility of the “pads” because of their age. See features above or below. Record mode to record, erase to clear. SOUNDS Sounds can be correct if you hack back to the base but the sounds are not really top for me no grain, dynamic doubtful and very limited you can play with the knobs so that the note is more or less acute but very small c.


The fact of not being able to import sound banks other than buying the disk, it me soule. I was pretty disappointed and I will not put money into it but hey. The small c more reliable: Drumtraks the box is a rather special in that it has a look “vintage clean” with sounds from samples.

This system allows hackers to incorporate more custom sounds in the box. Wine Country, a company of former employees Sequential Circuits, provides custom kits Chip and a program to convert wav files compatible that can be burned to a blank EPROM with a suitable equipment.

The Drumtraks does not necessarily distinguish the sounds, the standards of the time, but by the multitude of possibilities and its unique look with its sequential order blanks of wood and large buttons made of metal. You can adjust the volume and the agreement for each sound and store these settings in the sequences, including when they are varied.

The sequencer is mmanual comprehensive, it can record step by step and real-time by choosing the quantization resolution. As already mentioned, it also stores the changes in instrument parameters.

In addition, the box has 6 separate outputs, a backup interface K7, a synchro output configurable very useful for different worlds coexist and a midi interface.

It can therefore be used as sync to MIDI converter 24 or other types of sync. The failure of the drumtraks may be that some important functions are obtained by combinations of keys not always obvious and documented as noon or slave mode omni off.

Unfortunately the failure of many machines at the beginning of the digital age. In conclusion, the Drumtraks is an instrument of choice. His charisma does not leave indifferent in a studio and its capabilities enable the creation of complex rhythms for one who is not afraid to roll up their sleeves. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

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