DCUs and dsPIC DSCs, KEELCA code hopping devices, Serial. EEPRCDs, microperipherals, nonvolatile memory and analog products. In addition, Dicrochip#s. Microchip Technology dsPIC30FI/PT FI/PT Digital Signal Controllers featuring a MIPS dsPICĀ® DSC core and enhanced on-chip . MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY DSPIC30FI/PT | DsPIC microcontroller; SRAM:2kB; MemorykB; 30MHz; TQFP44 – This product is available in Transfer .

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July 1, at 5: How can I do this synchronization.

Thank you so much, You are the great man. What is the relationship you need to implement between the V input signal and the duty cycle?

If those stops have become broken, it cannot be assumed that the angle sensing is working as normal, which would explain the continuous rotation. March 25, at 9: The download is about MB in size.

I have a couple more questions before I can prepare an example:. T1,T2, T3 interrupts for generating pulses with the desired delay.


dsPIC30F4011 Examples

That way, I might get a chance to take a quick look before Monday. January 11, at 9: June 11, at 2: So if you could send me this addon dsspic be dspif I knew that i have to use SPI. But Iam having difficulty in configuring the ADC to respond to an external trigger for start of module. I can tell you all the information needed. The problem is on synchronization of the thyristors with a phase source voltages.

If you want something even simpler I always want something simpler! Hi Song, Assuming the prescaler ratio is set to 1: Buy from the Microchip Store. I enabled the UART at baud so that debugging info can be printed. I just find them simpler to use. Kindly help me for generating the pwm pulses which are phase shifted as said above. Thank you in advance Giorge.

I have heard of your forum and how helpful you dsplc with students having difficulties in programming and I would like to ask for your help.


The code has a static setting having a constant off-time of 6. The output value of the ADC will be in volts and will represent the reference voltage that a PI controller will use to calculate the duty ratio value. The XC16 C compilerwhich is available for free from microchip.

dsPIC-Ready1 Board | pin dsPIC – MikroElektronika

And please answer me where did I do a mistake. January 15, at 2: I tried on 0V and 5V.

I create a new folder for every dsPIC program I write. This site uses cookies. Do you need to vary the duty cycle i.

Hi Ted Thank u very much. Doing it like that will never be accurate though. August 28, at