Ed Leedskalnin – Magnetic Current (Illustrated PDF version). General Science › Edward Leedskalnin › Decoding Ed’s Writings In support of Ed’s Magnetic Current? Edward Marlinski’s Book and Hidden Pages. Writings[edit]. During his lifetime Leedskalnin published five pamphlets on various subjects, advertising them in local newspapers.

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In Ellison, Emily and Perry, Chuck. In the sun only mineral life exist but on earth mineral, vegetable and animal life exist. You would get worn out real quick! If you are interested in searching for the other ad it leesdkalnin be found between February 3rd and May 20th, I feel Ed wants us to change our perspective.

The Story of the Coral Castle. Fasten the U shape permanent magnet very good, bend up, prongs down, North Pole North.

Before the magnets start to run through the wire lengthwise they are lined up in a square across the wire, one side of the wire is North Pole magnet side and the other side is South Pole magnet side. When you were pushing the coil through the U shaped magnet you got two flashes in the light bulb with one passage through the U shape magnet, and I showed you from which ends of coil’s wire. Then drag the permanent magnet over the rod and it will take it out. Ed standing near his polar star telescope.

You can put two magnets together or use electric magnet, and still better you can put the coil in electric magnet, then you won’t have to push it. Break or cut several pieces of the hard steel fishing wire as long as to go between the poles of the U shape magnet, now hold two pieces of the steel wire ends up and down, one wire South.

They come in faster than they can get out. Those books never arrived. In my book, I stated that it would have to turn at rpm to get 60Hz. It looks like you’re new here. When the North and South Pole magnets went in the battery they built up a matter that held the magnets themselves. Dip the wire in iron filings and you will see that it is no magnet. All planets and the sun have magnet poles.

Tesla had many different patents on dynamos and AC generators – I’ll have to check to see leedakalnin any of his patents work like Ed’s generator. One reason is between every time the currents start and stop there is no pressure in the wire so the magnets from the air run in the wire and when the run starts there already are magnets in the wire which do not have to come from the generator, so the power line itself is a small generator which assists the big generator to furnish the magnets for the currents to run with.


A Book in Every home – by Ed Leedskalnin (original book scan ) — Magnetic Universe

Take the light bulb off the coil, put the core in it, connect the coil with a loop that would reach six feet East from the U shape magnet. Now this permanent magnet can make other hard steel bars in permanent magnets but every magnet that it makes will be a weaker magnet than itself.

Now you get the equipment and I will tell you so you can see for yourself that it is in the way I have told. When the magnets that are in bulk form enter the coil then the coil divides them in small paths. All that has to be done is to start the magnets to run in on orbit, then they will never stop.

From this you can see that the magnet can be shifted and concentrated and also you can see that the metal is not the real magnet. Then I can see chains of beads floating in the liquid in my eye. I have four different versions of ABIEH Oldest one being the s version with different photos again, 6 page Coral Castle Preface before ” The Author’s “mentioning the summarized journey of Ed to his death The paper is of the same type as Magnetic Current issued today The text has alterations lines through letterssome differen.

Nearly as mysterious and cryptic as Leedkskalnin, Marliinski warns readers to use their newly found knowledge for good or face the consequences.

Each particle in the substance is an individual magnet by itself, and both North and South Pole individual magnets.

The coil is necessary to increase the amount and strength of the currents. The demonstrations and procedures described within this website are derived from the research and personal experiences of the author.

They don’t do international delivery and so I’ve ordered by them to Santa Monica mailing address. Modern 2 pole generators have to be run at rpm and 4 pole generators have to run at rpm to get 60Hz.

Good Vision Needed for Reading and Writing: Now I will make so you can actually see that it is in the way I told you. It remains stationary in the middle, but the electron has to run around it. Connect the light bulb with the perpetual motion holder, put it on the spinning Alnico magnet in the hole between prongs and the square iron bar, now spin the Alnico magnet around and see how much of the light you get.


To make magnets with currents from batteries and dynamos with a single wire the metal will have to be put on the wire in such a way so that the magnets which are coming out of the wire will be running in the metal starting from the middle of the metal and run to the end and not from end to middle and fd as they did this last time.

Cut six pieces of fishing wire one inch long, put them by middle on top and across the leedskzlnin wire. This time the same thing will be a transformer. Donate to Receive Leedskalnin’s Original Writings. It’s the same representation of what is on the front door of Rock Gate and on Ed’s compass rose not to say someone else didn’t draw this upwhich I think may be what he is referring to when he leedskanin the earth’s true path and tells scientists to come and see the new diagram so he could defool them too.

I was visiting a web site the other day where a guy named Jon Depew claimed he had figured out Edward Leedskalnin’s secret. A lot of wd think Ed had some kind of anti-gravity device or something crazy like that – nothing could be further from the truth. Now the North and South Pole magnets are pointing across the wire again.

Decoding Ed’s Writings

wrtings That is the reason why we cannot hear the radio as well in the day time as we do at night. The important thing to take note of is that the magnetic forces are always in balance and basically cancel each other out. Contribute via the Paypal button below or send check, cash or money order to: What process is causing knowledge to be passed along incorrectly?

You made the one-inch long magnets with a single wire, but if you had the same size of wire in a coil you now have and would put a bigger steel bar in the coil then you would have a bigger and stronger magnet, but to make a stronger magnet yet, you would have to wind more layers on top of the coil that you have now.

In general these North and South Pole individual magnets are circulating in the same way as in the permanent magnet metal.

Connect each end of a fresh terrapin muscle with each terminal of a battery, then you will see how the muscles are contracted.