By: feathersmmmm. Edward Wallbanger Chapter 2, a Twilight fanfic – Chapter 1 of a Twilight – Humor/Romance fanfiction with. edward cullen a.k.a Womanizer -ericastwilight. the list-lauraAcullen. edward wallbanger-feathersmmmm. caravaggio-meimei a love that lasts-anallbr. Edward Wallbanger By: feathersmmmm. Bella moves into a Bella’s back hurts, can her new roommate Edward the chiropractor help her? Will they behave?.

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Their worlds collide one day and they are drawn together. Venisha Ready rated it really liked it Sep 10, But she falls hard, too, at the risk of breaking her own heart when the truth is revealed. I just think it should only be given by critics whose ultimate goal in giving it is to see the geathersmmmm excel.

No good deed goes unpunished How can she get him to model for her when he thinks she is a sex-crazed flake? Company Loves Misery by AngstGoddess reviews AH-Edward, current recovering alcoholic, former bully of Bella Feathefsmmmm, must make amends to the one person who refuses to give them. An unexpected hook-up at a party in Port Angeles fetahersmmmm into obsession. When irresponsible meets the epitome of responsible, sparks will fly!

A story loosely based on the theme of “The Blue Lagoon”.

Edward Wallbanger by Feathersmmm – Google Drive

Give edwarc Take by pattsylove reviews Sweet and snarky Bella lives with her best friends Emmett, Jasper and Rosalie in a fun filled Chicago apartment. The Cleaner by slyt reviews Homeless, Bella survives the only way she can.


Cautiously, Bella attempts to test drive this theory with her gorgeous Spin teacher, Edward. One Night in Vegas by xMrs. They end up at the same school and they must figure out how to make their love last despite all the obstacles in their way.

Rated M for hot Miami nights. AH, Canon pairing, and “M” for lemons! He’s lonely and has shut himself off from the world.

Edward Wallbanger | Twankhard

Everything depended on this moment. Feathersmmm, you sling nasty shit, then own up to it, slather your dildos in it, wear it on your dumb faces.

No One Like You by ketzchexmex reviews Bella is just a no one at her school, and is constanly bulied by Tanya and her group of Populars. What will happen when she is placed with uptight Sdward and his family? There’s also a geek, French exchange student, and some laughs. Edward Cullen is accused of murder for the slaying of his girlfriend. Up to Speed by ericastwilight reviews Race car driver Edward Cullen has wrecked his car again. Rated M for hot Miami nights.

Feathersmmmmm married his lover Bella and became a father. Breaking Edward by browniechadowes reviews AH.

FanFic Art – Made by Me

Author has written 1 story for Twilight. But who is she really, apart from the rumors? Until she meets Edward Cullen, a divorced father of two. Growing Pains by dellia53 reviews Edward and his step-siblings, Rose and Jasper, move back to Forks after a couple years away, hoping to take back their place among the elite.


M – English – Chapters: Salma Rif rated it it was amazing Dec 16, Bella learns of the bet through a friend and decides to string Edward along for a bit and subsequently land herself a hot date for her friend’s wedding.

Sparks fly over Thanksgiving weekend. Midnight Decadence by Lilith reviews Bella Cullen and her family arent the only family in Forks with a secret. She found it in all the wrong places, and he had to bring her back. feeathersmmmm

Bella’s feeling for Edward have changed, but he is oblivious to her feelings. Will there be love? Of course, that’s what makes sex with him so damn fun.

Twilight – Fanfiction Recommendations

They both thought that they had moved on Bella Swan is his tutor. Sparks fly over Thanksgiving weekend. I’m coming my love reviews You never think you would wake up and your edwzrd will be taken, throwing you in a world you never knew existed. Inspired by an 80s movie. Spy Games by Jenn reviews Powerful and successful, Isabella Swan held the world in the palm of her hand. Rated M for slashy threesoMe. Manic by Savannah-Vee reviews Edward moves to Forks after his mom is unfit to look after him anymore.