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A I can’t believe you dragged yes here while I was sick. How was the interview? Shen received graduate degrees in architecture in China, as well as Masters degrees in international business and hotel and restaurant management from several American universities.

Review of verb forms How are you going to get to Ordu? C We can zap between the channes and watch a itte of each of the programmes we want. What is your favourite form of transportation? Why don’t you stop lying to me?

I believe the number of people using cosmetic products which haven’t been tested …… animals will increase …… each day.

It can be understood from the passage that Edith ……. It can be concluded from the passage that, if ……. A the last outbreak of insect pests occurred in the s B there may well be a much smaller number of large old trees in the future C the data that was taken before the s has all been lost D measurements have been taken to make a forecast on climate change E the smaller trees are also being killed by climate change In organic agricutura systems, which rey on bioogica and mechanica methods, both traditiona and scientific knowedge is utiized.

D My optimism over my chances of getting the advertised job hasn’t been hurt by the fact that it’s taken me a week to apply for it. B I feel that, at the meeting, you ought not to have made your viewpoint public at all.


It is impied in the passage that, on the Cocoro Meter, a eve of means the test may be wrong is the highest possibe reading C has dergjleri been reached once D is nothing to worry about E indicates very high stress You are not in dergileei hurry, els dergileri you decide to stop and offer her a lift by saying: C Writers around the world think that New York is an island dfrgileri makes no one feel like a stranger there.

D That it would have been better if you hadn’t opened the meeting with your viewpoint is what I think. Follow your teacher and proceed to the test. In cassica mythoogy, Prometheus was punished by the gods E When are you expecting Chery to arrive? Knowing that the neighbours across from you are fans of the soap opera, you say to your brother: Zam yok, onus Card’a 8 aya varan taksit var It is strongly implied in the passage that the Pacific War …….

Not fully trusting that he knows, and not wanting to waste your time unless he does, you try to deegileri his advice by yxs to him: C Due to the great size of its iving room, our new fat is very simiar to the one that we had before.


In the dergilerj of sorting out my library, I found myself thinking that all book-lovers fall victim to certain myths. And the climate is predicted to get warmer at a quicker rate. Relative Clauses a man who has powerful friends things I like the world which I created the kind of person we need a place that I know something you should know a place drgileri life is simple somebody. D I’m not sure, but I’m not able to turn on any electrical items in here.

C Is there time for a meeting while Dr. A It was wrong of you to go to the meeting just in order to make your opinion public. You disturb me by exaggerating your inesses a the time. Simon …… to sea at the age of 12, and, by the age of eighteen, he …… around the world three times. The bosses at the fim studios vaue star power over the storyteer, so that is where the big money goes The book was used as an aid dergilerl the teaching of Swedish geography in primary schoos.


Herkes ELS yayýnlarýný orijinalinden çalýþabilsin diye, Bu sene böyle…

V Naturalism, however, also attempts to determine “scientifically” the underlying forces of society. D Is it okay if I borrow your alarm clock instead, then? Dergileeri wasn’t, and today quality literature has dergileti come to an end. The gram gadget measures the eve dergileti amyase in the saiva. A George Orwell wrote too little B Charles Dickens’ books are not worth reading C good literature is still being drgileri D most of the novels from the s and s should be put in the trash E he or she should not bother sorting out his or her library again English Language Studies He also tutored Allen Ginsberg, who claimed that he helped him free his poetic voice.

D What s the time? It is implied in the passage that Allen Ginsberg ……. Strangey, word maps do not depict India as being so. She sometimes borrowed eements from Victorian supernatura stories. Prepositions of Time in, on, at, for, during, before, after Ders E Most of the time, the rain wasn t heavy in the resort town, but the ground foor of our hote sti became covered in water.