F. William Engdahl, Global Research, Centre for Research on Seeds of destruction: the hidden agenda of genetic manipulation I. F. William. excerpts from the book. Seeds of Destruction. The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation. by F. William Engdahl. Global Research, Seeds of Destruction by F. William Engdahl, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation

The company also wants patents and the right to collect license fees for particular farm animals and livestock herds. These laws would now give way under this new wave of industry-friendly vertical integration.

It was being used to advance global agribusiness and poultry factory farm interests “along the model o Arkansas-based Tyson Foods”.

That provision is crucial as it empowers consumers to decide whether to use or avoid these foods. So far, Washington and the industry are on a roll towards controlling oil and food.

A propaganda campaign claimed that government was the problem, that it encroached too much on our lives and had to be rolled back for greater personal “freedom”. And it was even worse than that. Developing nations were targeted as well with the idea that they forget about being food-self-sufficient in grains negdahl beef, rely on America for key commodities and concentrate instead on small fruits, sugar and vegetables for export.


In this case, he asked Congress to appropriate an emergency one billion taxpayer-dollars for a drug, Tamiflu. Once GM seeds are introduced to an area, the genie is out of the bottle for keeps.

This shows that European consumers are far ahead of Americans and much better protected so far by their overall exclusion as well as having labeling requirements for those products allowed to be sold. NSSM was tied to the agribusiness agenda that began with the s and s “Green Revolution” to control food production in targeted Latin American, Asian and African countries.

Seeds of Destruction : F. William Engdahl :

One way or another, the Rockefeller Foundation aims to reduce population. It was marketed on the fraudulent claim that a daily bowl could prevent blindness and other vitamin A deficiencies. They produce chicken meat under “atrocious health and safety conditions”.

It’s so that chicken-processing giants can globalize world production, with the avian flu scare “gift from heaven” to help them. Control the food and you seedds the people.

It was at a time when Americans claimed that their aim was to help the world through free-market efficiency. The information was suppressed and rBGH milk is unlabelled, so there’s no way consumers can know. Engdahl quotes a leading agro-ecologist who predicts that these practices will destroy the land in 50 years’ time if they continue. The next aim was merging Big Pharma with Big Food-producing giants.

Unmentioned was a key fact: Ivan rated it it was ok May 02, It was a further shameless act. He went ahead, nonetheless, and when his article appeared in the publication on November 29, the smear campaign against him destructiln and intensified.


Review of ‘Seeds of Destruction – The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation’

Argentina’s economic crisis of the late s-early s made vast, additional amounts of land available, and bankrupted farmers had to give enbdahl their holdings for a few cents in the dollar. What is so frightening about Engdahl’s vision of the world is that desstruction is so real. This reorganization began under President Richard Nixon as the cornerstone of his farm policy; free trade was the mantra, corporate grain traders were the beneficiaries, and family farms had to go so that agribusiness giants could take over.

All they need is to control food production.

Argentina has experienced more fallout which threatens to spread. After publication, the society and the biotech industry attacked The Lancet for its action. Hundreds of thousands of small farmers lost out; their numbers dropped byfrom to In fact, it was nothing of the sort.

He was a corporatist’s dream, a willing Washington Consensus subjectand he even let David Rockefeller’s New York and Washington friends draft his economic program with Chicago School dogma at its heart: Humans have also been affected, and can show violent engdalh of nausea, diarrhea and vomiting as well as enggdahl lesions.