Ensoniq Mirage () – Digital Sampling Keyboard – classic unit 61 keys: tiny kb Ensoniq Mirage DSK-8 manual · service manual, demo, comments. A resource for Ensoniq Mirage samplers. Files for download. Editors, sounds and manuals. Ensoniq: ensoniq mirage dsk 1 dsk 8 service manual.

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Here are a few general tips which will help you to make better quality samples Up to 16 different sampled sounds available at one time. Except in certain advanced sampling situations, this parameter is usually set to “1”. Again, these are guidelines – you can set the values of these parameters to any values you want. It can mirag used to make each program of a keyboard half play an entirely different sound.

While in this digital form, the signal can be modified in many ways, without deteriorating the audio quality and without the mechanical limitations of tape recording. Mic Level Audio signals with a strength between 50 and mV. Like all computers, it is a system consisting of two main parts–hardware and software. An ever-growing library of sounds is available from Ensoniq that will keep your Mirage fresh and new for years to come.

You’re now ready to begin to sample wavesample l.

ENSONIQ Mirage DSK-1 Manuals

Sampling is an art as much as it is a science. SAMPLING Sampling your own sounds with the Mirage is where the fun really begins, Just about any sound can be a source of inspiration for you, since just about any sound can be recorded and processed with the Mirage.


Page 47 on the even wavesamples.

Once a sound is loaded ams with ensojiq. It will assume the disk to be a DD k disk. You can load a sound from the front panel of the Mirage and select a program number at the same time. We suggest that you read the manual from front to back covers, including the.

Ensoniq Mirage DSK-1 Manuals

Thanks to a series of design improvements and more efficient production techniques, it is possible to offer an instrument with the same fine sound quality and virtually all the features of the original Mirage at a substantially reduced price. Eac when the new sequence is loaded from the diskette. Page 42 accuracy than analog oscillators.

Software The information contained on the mini-diskettes is called software; this information consists of all the data necessary for the Mirage hardware to reproduce a sound.

Also, any sound you sample will be played back through the program presently selected. Sign In Sign Up. I seem to recall this works! It needs the information on the diskettes to start doing its work. It is important not to alter this carrier in any way. This will write the contents of your diskette to the C: Once in memory, Wavesample the keyboard controls the pitch of the wavesample.


Page 40 instruments, all the important performance instructions – key down, key up, velocity, pitch bend, Mod wheel, sequencer control functions, etc.

Once you have finished using the Formatting Program and wish to return to Once you have finished using the Formatting Program and wish to return to normal operation, normal operation, you snsoniq reboot the Mirage from a standard sound diskette without turning the machine mirwge. Got it, continue to print. Increasing the number will increase the tempo, decreasing the number will slow down the tempo. Mirage is a very logical instrument and we’ve presented the information about it in a.

Digital sampling uses sophisticated digital circuitry and eventually, computer manuql to store the signal. The is a compressed ZIP file. The parameters of the Mirage are divided into two main categories-playback parameters and sampling parameters. Page 51 Mirage to obtain the best samples. When more than one wavesample is used, you must select the location in the memory for each wavesample.

The basic sampling process is not much more complicated than making a good quality audio tape copy.