PDF | The preliminary phytochemical analysis of Ephedra alata indicated the presence of cardiac glycosides, reducing sugars, flavonoids. Descriptions and articles about the Ephedra, scientifically known as Ephedra alata in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Overview; Distribution; Ecology; Hab. Two new flavonol glucosides have been identified in Ephedra alata, namely, herbacetin 8-methyl ether 3-O- glucosideO-rutinoside and herbacetin.

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The other fungal genera. These results demonstrated that the Ephedra plant extracts are rich with flavonoids range: This species is often found near Wadis or other arid sand dunes, with minimal water.

List of Abbreviations and nomenclature: The overlaid UV-Vis spectra of the main peaks are depicted at the right corner of chromatogram B. These plants are used for dye by grinding the plant portion, and placing the ground plant portions, with the desired dyed material in boiling water for 1—3 days.

In the present investigation, 31 seed samples of E.

Additionally, correlations between the various antioxidant assays were performed. Results of a study of Ghasemi et al. Ass aeed, and A.


Detection of seedborne fungi associated with E. The ovulate cones are oval, up to 10mm long, with pairs of overlapping yellow bracts surrounding two flowers.

All chemicals and reagents were of analytical grade. Cotton cloth bags This shrub has rigid and branched stems.

Ephedra alata – Nucleotide Result

Treatment means were compared. Downloaded on 05 September Please review our privacy policy. Total flavonoid content, AA: Journal of Biological Sciences 12 7, The main two assays of epherda antioxidant activity category are FRAP measures the reduction potential of ferric to ferrousionand CUPRAC measures the reduction of cupric to cuprous ion.

After 30 min, the absorbance was recorded at nm against the reagent blank.

Ephedra alata Decne. — The Plant List

Use of free radical method to evaluate antioxidant activity. The highest colonization of.

Therefore, a study of the Palestinian Ephedra Alata constitutes a valuable addition to the available literature. Cotton cloth bags 5. All the samples were filtered alatta 0.

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A modified procedure using ABTS 2, 2-azino-di- 3-ethylbenzothialozine-sulphonic acid as described by Pellegrini et al. Vigor index of E. Similarly, in our study both polyethylene bags and tin cans caused no any significant alteration in SMC compared with the initial SMChowever cloth and paper bags caused significant decrement in SMC Table 3.


Nutritional values total lipids, total nitrogen, ash content. Views Alaha Edit View history. The moisture content MC is expressed as percentage of the wet weight.

Root depth cm of germinating seeds of E. Evaluation of the Chemical Composition Rauwolfia serpentina and Ephedra vulgaris. Enumeration of Seedborne Fungi From each seed sample, seeds were surface-disin- fected in Na-hypochlorite for two minutes followed washing with several changes of sterile saline water 8. This species grows between the elevations of alxta meters to meters. Similarly, in our study both polyethylene.

The results showed that the Ephedra alata grown in Palestine is rich in antioxidants, phenolics and flavonoids.