SB LOST VICTORIES Thrwirmoirci llillersitiiisiliriliiifiijiiiif ni 1 1 mill h It. II. \MM ‘”” 11,11 LOST VICTORIES BY FIELD-MARSHAL ERICH VON MANSTEIN Edited. Field Marshal Erich von Manstein described his book as a personal narrative of a Lost Victories is the Erich von Manstein’s recollection of the operations and. Read the full-text online edition of Lost Victories ().

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Hitler was to have victoroes similar experience only a few years later – without ever learning his lesson from it. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.

Lost Victories – Wikipedia

This was one of the best war time memoirs that I’ve read. He wrote not as a historical investigator but as one who played an active part in the story he was relating. Hats off to the master tactician who always fought against overwhelming numerical odds and pulled off the impossibles – especially Third battle of Kharkov and Battle of Crimea. November 6, Sold by: Field Marshal Erich von Manstein described his book as a personal narrative of a soldier, discussing only those matters that had direct beari Originally published in Germany inand in England and the United States inthis classic memoir of WWII by a man who was an acknowledged military genius and probably Germany’s top WWII general, is now made available again.

After release from British prison inhe became a military advisor for the West German Government. Upon re-reading, it is ultimately unsatisfying and leaves one wanting more.

The Ukrainians fought the Soviet partisans, but usually released any Germans after first disarming them. However, I was completely lacking in anything resembling an in-depth or nuanced understanding of the events and dates I could rattle off.


Lost Victories: The War Memoirs of Hitler’s Most Brilliant General

I would say it is apologetic, in some ways. Field Marshal Erich von Manstein described his book as a personal narrative of a soldier, discussing only those matters that had direct bearing on events in the military field.

This would be like reading a biography of a Confederate general shortly after the Civil War, to give some perspective, but not just victoriees general.

German historian Volker Berghahn wrote about the book, “Its title gave the story away: His analysis of the various battles and overall strategy made me wonder how differently the war and the world would have turned out if Hitler had listened to him, and the large waste of lives that had ensued because Hitler did not. Oct 10, John rated it really liked it. Good for historians and students of WW Please try again later. In the end Lost Victories left me with a bitter-sweet aftertaste.

Knowing the context of the writing it still was a fascinating read about the largest conflict in human history told by a man who was in the middle of events both on the battlefield and behind the lines.

It glides over some of the more diabolical matters of war and civilians, but then we are listening to a soldier’s account concerning military battles. Mar 18, Steven rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is well worth reading from Manstein’s perspective though because he does go into detail about the opponents he was up against in West Europe and the Soviet Eastern Front.

His account is detailed, yet dispassionate and objective. Just a few thousand pounds, nothing like modern jets.


As a result of the foolish attempt to take the major city of Stalingrad and drive into the Caucasus to take the oil fields there, the Germans in the south were badly overextended, and forced to rely on the sub-standard armies of their allies the Italians, Rumanians, and Hungarians.

Manxtein responsible mansteih invading Poland, starting the Second World War, which took the lives of anywhere from 50 million to 70 million people, including the above figure. Views Read Edit View history.

Nov 29, Steven Peterson rated it really liked it. The title ‘Lost Victories’ is aptly named.

He was dismissed from service by Adolf Hitler in Marchdue to his frequent clashes with Hitler over military strategy. This book is excellent if one likes personal memoirs. The majstein belonged to the Junker class of military ericy of Prussian or East German origin. Robin Lee You mean “Hitler”, right?

True to their tradition of obedience, most of them, again like Manstein, kept their gaze unswervingly on the military role they were expected to play even as they deplored the growing vacuum of direction at masntein political top. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Manstein was promoted to field marshal as a result. Much talk about how the airlift to troops at Stalingrad failed, Manstein details how many pounds of cargo the German planes could carry.