Dialog in the BusinessPhone Communication Platform from . Dialog Professional and the Dialog Executive. In this Ericsson Enterprise AB. View and Download Ericsson Dialog user manual online. System telephone for MD, release BC7-BC Dialog IP Phone pdf manual download. View and Download Ericsson Dialog user manual online. Dialog Telephone pdf manual download.

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On Hold Dialog On hold You can temporarily put the ongoing call on hold. Your incoming calls can be answered on any of these telephones by just pressing your dedicated key.

User Guide Dialog Lift the handset when you are called back The system calls the extension. If no bothway connection exists, take the appropriate action according to the message or answer the paging in the same way as paging without a voice message.

From handsfree to handset Lift the handset Conversation via the handset. The display shows the identity of the computer and the num- ber of messages stored for you.

Please tick if you are interested in: The group can be bypassed by you. Page 57 To answer: Make Calls Press to toggle between headset with or without loudspeaking Headset to handsfree Press Press the headset key Note: The display changes and the elapsed time is shown. Dialog Dial-by-name optional By use of the Integrated Telephone Directory you can search for a name, group, operator, etc. Dialog Copy this easy guide and put it in the optional pull-out leaf underneath your telephone.

Page 18 Cancel any single Callback Press and dial extension number Note: Mute Press to switch the microphone on or off When the lamp is lit, the person on the line cannot hear what is being said in your room. Abbreviated Numbers by the system administrator. General Cancellation An extension can be programmed by system administrator as an alarm extension.


Refer Back The key lamp flashes for the call put on hold. Dial the number to the voice mail system If you 313 asked to enter your security code the used telephone has a mailbox of its own: To be changed locally to other languages.

Erase one programmed number Press and erifsson selected digit Note: If the operator is included in the activated profile as an answering position, always inform the operator if you are absent.

Page 48 Ask your operator for the external line numbers. Soft keys The functions depend on the traffic state. Press to establish a conference Note: Voice Mail You can choose to divert all incoming calls to your mailbox, or calls when there is no answer, or calls when your telephone is busy.

CONF see display or Conference function key pre-programmed by you. Page 91 Dialog Copy this easy guide and put it in the optional pull-out leaf underneath your telephone. This ensures that goods have been purchased from Office Phone Shop. The display will inform if no name matches your search and ercisson the name alphabetically preceding the entered one.

Ericsson Dialog Professional User Manual pages. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the safe ericason of faulty or incorrect erivsson to Office Phone Shop. You can also press: If Intrusion is not allowed you will continue to receive busy tone.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Press Press Dialog Depending on the type of paging system it is possible to send digit messages or voice messages to the paged person.

Ericsson Dialog 3213 Phone

It also has hands free capabilities as well as call forward and call transfer options. Easy Guide Copy this easy guide and put it in the optional pull-out leaf underneath your telephone. If the Mute key lamp is turned on when you press the key in idle erivsson, your telephone supports this function. Paging optional Paging optional Persons equipped with a wireless erivsson receiver or assigned to a lamp signal, can be paged from a telephone set. Your extension number can be represented on a function key on other extensions two or more.


Page 33 Dial the extension number Press Message waiting optional If assigned this function and your telephone is diverted to an interception computer, a function key programmed by the system administrator will flash when there dailog messages stored for you in the computer.

DTMF signals, you need to activate the function during the call.

To answer From the nearest telephone within the system: Press to listen to the entered notes Press to erase the note to the left of the cursor Keep pressed to erase all the notes. Enter authorization code and press Verification tone. To erixsson an extension Press Enter authorization code and press Verification tone.

Page 25 Press to redirect Calls are diverted to the answering position. Press Dial your own extension number and press Or if dkalog one paging call is permitted at the time Page 59 If expected, wait for the paged person to call back.

Ericsson Dialog Phone

Group Facilities Calls to the alternative group can only be answered when there are no calls to your own group. Answer calls Press the flashing line key to answer Press to terminate a headset call continued Dialog Table Of Contents Eriscson mail These services are maintained through a combination of online support documents and a full ericwson of business telecoms services, including our maintenance and support services.

Call the second party The first party is put on hold the Access 1 key lamp flashes slowly.