By this point, Fantomina claims she is in love with Beauplaisir, and would do anything to engage in intercourse with him again. Fantomina makes excuses to her. Love as sentiment and love as a sexual response are two sides of the same coin. Both are intertwined in Eliza Haywood complex relationship. Eliza Haywood begins this turbulent tale with a charming first sentence: “Nothing is so generally coveted by Womankind, as to be accounted Beautiful; yet.

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Cantomina was transported to find so much Beauty and Wit in a Woman, who he doubted not but on very easy Terms he might enjoy; and she found a vast deal of Pleasure in conversing with him in this free and unrestrain’d Manner.

Fantomina; or, Love in a Maze

Besides the storyline, everything else seems dull. Comedic; frustrating and tenacious; especially, from the protagonist; all while maintaining a slight bit of obscenity, Fantomina: My youngest sister was at my apartment while I was reading this. This page was last edited on 25 Novemberat She created a character that shows all sides of womanhood in that century: In stereotypical male fashion Beauplaisir lets his lower passions negate his ability to think and reason.

Particularly about how easily fooled and simple men truly are. This mysterious woman disguises herself in many personas to deceive and seduce a man of her interest.

But, given the fact that Beauplaisir escapes the end of the novella unaffected, irresponsible for the consequences of his affairs, Haywood hits readers with a dose of reality regarding gender inequalities. Though I personally believe this is more anti-feminist, it still raises a lot of questions being asked today about maxe interactions between men and women. In fine, she was undone; and he gain’d a Victory, so highly rapturous, that had he known over whom, scarce could he have triumphed more.

Therefore thought it not in the least a Fault to put in practice a little Whim which came immediately into her Head, to dress herself as near as she could in the Fashion of those Women who make sale of their Favours, and set herself in the Way of being accosted as such a one, having at that Time no other Aim, than the Gratification of an rantomina Curiosity.


Eliza Haywood, explored these themes in her short story Tantomina The amatory fiction, exemplified here, is a precursor of the romance novel. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: But they, either less surprised by being more accustomed to such Sights, than she who had been bred for the most Part in the Country, or not of a Disposition to consider any Thing very deeply, took but little Notice of it.

So, Fantomina fatomina all of the “benefits” of coming from a lower class, without having to endure the actual economic constraints.

The man is a fool and the woman a scheming fantasist of the first order. After learning about Haywood I have a lot of respect for this short read. That which I require of you, resumed she, has nothing in it criminal: Her first acting gig is as Fantomina, who she channels by dressing like the women of the night she has ,ove receiving the attention she desired. In fact, she manipulates Beauplaisir so successfully that he is made to be a bit of maae fool and is easily seduced.

To put her out of that Pain, he pulled out of his Pocket a Purse of Gold, entreating her to accept of maez as an Earnest of what he intended to do for her; assuring her, with ten thousand Protestations, that he would spare nothing, which his whole Estate could purchase, to procure her Content and Happiness. At the end, her mother sends her to live in a monastery in France. Not easy to read but I enjoyed the story enough to ln through.

The feeling is so msze she takes on the role of different women each time she feels his interest star Is Fantomina by Eliza Haywood Feminist approach or cautionary tale? This sharply contrasts the wits that are necessary to fool him, which Fantomina demonstrates.


The story is complicated by the fact that Fantomina’s first encounter with Beauplaisir occurs when she pretends to be a prostitute.

Alas, this short-story comes full-fledged with Romance tropes and archetypes: View all 3 comments. Some novels thrive in this form thanks in…. It was in vain that he endeavour’d to make her sensible of her Mistake; and that this Restraint was the greatest Enemy imaginable to the Happiness of them both: And yet, Fantomina succeeds in tricking Beauplaisir repeatedly into having sex with multiple characters that she creates.

This site uses cookies. Thus, not divulging her identity all the time, prompts her to wear a mask and darken her bedroom when she is Incognita fantmoina to change clothes and manners when she becomes Celia and Mrs.

The complexity of Love in Fantomina: or, Love in a Maze by E. Haywood.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: He, not recognizing her, and believing her favors to be for sale, asks to meet her. Admittedly, my personal annoyance at this being the take away caused me to give it such a low rating. Wiki spiral from Oroonoko. To that end, Haywood is an fantominaa writer and produced in Fantomina a character that, as a reader, you become invested in.

The complexity of Love in Fantomina: or, Love in a Maze by E. Haywood. « Women Writers,

She fearful, — confus’d, altogether unprepar’d to resist in such Encounters, and rendered more so, by the extreme Liking she had to him. Beauplaisir moves to Bath, the protagonist follows him, and takes on the fanntomina of a country girl working as a maid. He coerces her into having sex with him, not listening to her protestations, and not understanding why she’s upset about it later.