Fungicidas foliares e a doença ferrugem asiática na produção e na qualidade de sementes de soja. Foliage fungicides and asiatic rust disease on the. Abstract. BARROS, Hélio Bandeira; SEDIYAMA, Tuneo; REIS, Múcio Silva and CECON, Paulo Roberto. Effect of the number of fungicide applications on the. Quantificação da ferrugem asiática e aspectos nutricionais de soja suprida com silício em solução nutritiva. Quantification of Asian rust and nutritional aspects of .

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Effects of foliar-and root-applied silicon on the enhancement of induced resistance to powdery mildew in Cucumis sativus.

Bioscience Journal

Defense responses induced by fetrugem silicon in cucumber roots infected by Pythium spp. As semeaduras foram realizadas nos dias 9 de novembro de e 18 de novembro deem Londrina-PR. The American Phytopathological Society, St. Calcium in potato tuber cell walls in relation to tissue maceration by Erwinia carotovora pv.

The experimental design was randomized blocks with seven treatments and four blocks for each crop. Plant ScienceClare, v. A ferrugem da soja foi relatada no Brasil e no norte da Argentina em Summa Phytopathologica, Botucatu, v. Services on Demand Journal. Revista Brasileira de Sementes, v.

Em eforam encontrados esporos de P. Compendium of soybean diseases.

Journal of Plant PhysiologyJena, v. The effects of temperature and dew period on germination and infection by uredospores of Phakopsora pachyrhizi. Using chlorophyll fluorescence sorting to improve seed lot quality in soybean.


Aplicação de modelos de previsão da ferrugem asiática da soja em du

Silicon alleviates oxidative damage of wheat plants in pots under drought. Universidade Federal de Lavras. Crop ProtectionLondon, v. Sintomas causados por P. Soybean Crop At Risk? Teste de envelhecimento acelerado: Seed quality was evaluated from germination, tetrazolium, accelerated aging and electrical conductivity tests.

Soybean rust associated with unfavorable weather conditions during the final stage of maturation results in green soybean seeds that reduce vigor after storage. Chlorophyll degradation in summer oilseed rape and summer turnip rape during seed ripening.

Mobility and deposition of silicon in cucumber plants. Ministry of agriculture, food and rural affairs, Ontario, Retrieved October 2,from http: The severity data were integrated with time obtaining the area under the number lesions progress curve AUNLC.

A Perspective from the Southeastern United States.

Pelo fato de os esporos d P. Atualmente, existem isolados de P.

Boletim de Pesquisa de Soja Figura 21 Figura 22 Figura 23 Figura. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. The Plant Health Instructor.

Incidence of grem soybean seeds as a function of environmental stress during seed maturation. Ema ferrugem da soja foi encontrada no Paraguai. A ferrugem da soja causada por P. Annals of Botany, London, v. American Phytopathological Society, ABSTRACT Unfavorable weather conditions during late soybean maturation have caused problems in seed quality due to “forced maturation” or premature plant death, which can result in green seeds.


Services on Demand Journal.

Soybean rust (Ferrugem da soja – Português)

Teste de envelhecimento acelerado. Os resultados foram expressos em porcentagem. Soybean plants killed before maturity possess grain that remains green. Plant, Cell and Environment, Oxford, v. Quantification of Asian rust and nutritional aspects of soybean due to the use of silicon supplied via nutrient solution. Stage of development description for soybeans Glycine max L.

Os primeiros sintomas da ferrugem da soja causada por Phakopsora pachyrhizi iniciam com diminutas manchas de cor marrom castanha, pt ou vermelho-tijolo nas folhas Figura 2.

Segundo Bowen et al. The effects of silicon in cucumber plants grown in recirculation nutrient solution. Mineral nutrition of higher plants. Under favorable weather conditions for seed maturation, the severity of soybean Asiatic rust interferes with production but does not influence seed physiological potential. The fungicide, that efficiently controlled soybean rust did not affect production and seed quality or the occurrence of green seed.

Em trabalhos com diferentes cultivares de soja, Zambenedetti et al.