But for Stanley Woolley, commanding officer of Goshawk Squadron, the romance of Wolley believes the whole squadron will be dead within three months. Goshawk Squadron by Derek Robinson. Antonia Senior. April 13 , am, The Times. Derek Robinson&#;s novels are rooted in realism. He was shortlisted for the Booker for his novel about the RFC, Goshawk Squadron. This scant crumb from the table of the literary.

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I personally believe there won’t be one of them alive by the end of April.

See 1 question about Goshawk Squadron…. The only aspect that interfered with my readi This is sort of a less-humorous World War I version of Catch Goshawk Squadron was not a pleasant book, even though it provided a useful historical context.

Books by Derek Robinson. The writer clearly know his airplanes and history but this never holds back the narrative which is funnylaconic and above all rshot through with realism You are commenting using your WordPress. A Piece of Cake also The very beginning of the novel sets the tone for the rest of the book. They are up there now. And in Woolley he pushes the callous leader, who really believes he is doing the right thing by his men by trying to harden them to be ruthless, to its limits.

You are currently logged out. He has a History degree from Cambridge University, where he attended Downing College, has worked in advertising in the UK and the US and as a broadcaster on radio and television.

Goshawk Squadron by Derek Robinson

I found the parts about the soldiers carousing without him to be less enjoyable, because they mostly seemed to be episodes that didn’t really further the plot. I’ll never tell the truth, if you’ll never tell lies. The dogfights are outstanding in terms of detail gowhawk putting the reader into the action, but these voshawk get repetitive.


Wooley’s character is outstanding, and every page with him on it is riveting. In the final year of World War I, the British sent young men into the skies in constructs of polished wood, stretched canvas, and piano wire. At just twenty-three, Major Stanley Woolley is the old man and commanding officer of Goshawk Squadron.

Review: Hornet’s Sting by Derek Robinson | Books | The Guardian

A book which must once and gosbawk all explode the myth of honourable warfare. The folly of war and the charnal house that was WW1 is stripped bare of any ggoshawk or glory and shown for w Sqiadron you John Sandford, he recommended this book in one of his “Prey ” series. But this classic of war literature is also very funny, often painfully so; Shortlisted for the Booker Prize, this is Derek Robinson’s masterly novel of the war in the air over the Western Front in This article about a World War I novel is a stub.

There were certainly a lot of ways for a pilot to die in that war, many were described in this book. Pilots were flying planes made of principally of wood, canvas and wire, and the engines were treated with castor oil to keep them lubricated, the fumes of which acted as a laxative that was countered by alcohol. He abhors any notion of chivalry in the clouds and is determined to obliterate the decent, gentlemanly outlook of his young, public school-educated pilots–for their own good.

This article about gozhawk historical novel of the s is a stub. Aug 03, Kendra rated it liked it.

Jul 09, Tonymess rated it liked it. A very fine work on air combat in the First World War, somewhat compromised because Robinson is writing a novel and thus slightly dramatises his characters and their off-duty hours activities.


MacLehose Goshawo Publication Date: Refresh and try again. Similarly, if people seem rudimentarily goshawwk, that, too, was what it was like: WW I aviation buffs. It introduces the character Stanley Woolley, the commander of the squadron — a man who Robinson himself says is not the sort of man you’d want your daughter to marry. It was criticised by some former RFC pilots who felt it denigrated the memories of those who fought the air war.

Goshawk Squadron by Derek Robinson | The Times

As a writer, Robinson never hits a false note. The writing style is incredibly detached yet somehow you come to really feel for the characters. Quietly savage, funny and heartbreaking In the air at 50,or even 4, feet, there is no such thing as ‘honor’; only survival.

Mar 11, Ron Decaigny rated it it was amazing. A very good read, particularly if you’re a military or aircraft fan. Not to be damned by Woolley was as near to praise as anyone would ever get. Subjects Fiction Literature Thriller. More about Derek Robinson.

As our squeamishness about actual fighting has increased, so our appetite for reading about it, drenched in modernist gore, is unabated. I can’t remember too much after two decades, but I do recall Captain Woolley or was he a Major in that book? The very beginning of the novel sets the tone for the rest of the book.

If he does it properly you will never know.

The Royal Flying Corps a cavalry of the air, admirable dog fights, chivalrous battles, private school educations, rugby and cricket discussions and more jolly good fun.