Graupner R (BACK). Type: R Single Conversion. Pulse decoder= and LM, Receiver system= Single converting Does anybody have first hand experience with Graupner R or C17 receivers in pylon planes? I’m thinking about using one of these for my. Second hand Graupner receivers and Quarz Second hand Graupner JR transmitters and Quarz. Graupner R 7 Ch. receiver Graupner 35 MHz.

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Others report they work well, JR has ads running claiming it is tests out as the best receiver ever. I heard some good stuff about them. The arduino uses the supply voltage as Vref by default I believe, still need to do more reading on this.

Did you enjoy the article? Jun 25, Email required Address never made public.

A few minutes after I posted that I realized that I was using two power sources with no common ground and that was most likely my problem. Enter your ggaupner address below!

My code looks the same as how you fixed it above except I added a few things to make it run as an individual arduino sketch. Try that and let me know how it goes? January 6, at 2: Notify me of new comments via email. Actually, I’ve never actually gone out of range on the antenna collapsed check, after – feet I figure that is far enough!


Originally posted by Paulus I had an schulze 8 in my crashed gilette.

R – MikrokopterWiki

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Chris True Registered User. They have SPCM and work very well – no problems at all. January 6, at 3: Fix toy with 3D printed parts. The only hole that is perpendicular to all the others. Arduino Servo Library – Not good enough. November 26, at 9: September 4, at 1: Email Subscription Do you think this is awesome or have you made an overdose of geekiness?

Graupner R measurements and pictures

I then stopped using it much. Thanks for the help Brian.

In t700 with Espruino. These range check over feet on my Jr I think I’m going to try a DS19 or one of the hitec dc receievers. Jun 23, You are commenting using your WordPress. Have you also removed the Ohms resistor as per this picture: Jun 24, Feel free to share it: Arduino — 3chanel IR remote control from mini helicopter — processing.


Graupner R700 Receiver

February 22, at 7: Currently repainting again after another rebuild, I flew it again after repair – this time without the R! It was a good receiver, slightly graupnwr glitching compared with Simprop Pico. Look at the picture rr700 the post https: April 12, 21 Comments. Notify me of new posts via email. Last edited by Paulus; Jun 24, at Anyway I used the usb to power the arduino and used the 5V out from the arduino to power the receiver and now it works like a charm.

Graupner R700 FM receiver – get the PPM signal

Do you think this is awesome or have you made an overdose of geekiness? I use berg 5, berg4 also same as shulze alpha on switchblade, twisters got 2 and micrtojet; these receivers are perfect. Double Servo Tester with Display. TM F700 driver for Stellaris Launchpad. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: