HANYONGnux Digital temperature controller MX9-F Selection of RAMP Multi inputs Leader in auto control and measurement World Leader HANYOUNG With. Establishment of SHANGHAI HANYOUNG ELECTRIC CO.,LTD in CHINA. .. MX9-V. MX2-V. – V a.c, 50 – 60 Hz (voltage fluctuation rate: 10 %). We appreciate you for purchasing HanYoung NUX Co.,Ltd product. Before using the product you have purchased, check to make sure that it is exactly what you.

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Release the connector latches and test the connection for stability. Tamper Proof Label The tamper-proof label covers the top right screw in the battery bay. Laser Hanyoyng Label 2. Do not remove the laser caution labels from the MX9. The key keypad is also available in an IBM configuration. A checkmark on the switchpad menu indicates applications currently active or available for Launching by the MX9 user.

Refer to the following sections to complete the power connection to the MX9 vehicle cradle. Tap the CAPS key to type all capital letters. Got it, continue to mxx9.

The above list is the same on the 38 key MX9. Special Purpose Keys 1. Click the switchpad icon in the taskbar. It is good practice to save any changes then perform hanyoujg orderly shutdown to preserve RAM contents before opening the hatch.

Please read the Cau- tion statement. If the supply connection is made directly to the battery, a m9 slow-blow fuse should be installed in the positive lead within 5 inches Page 40 – Startup Help Page 41 – Chapter 3: The information in this publication does not represent a commitment on the part of HII. Disclaimer Honeywell International Inc.


Honeywell MX9 User Manual

Connecting Cables To The Mx9 1. The MX9 is inserted upside-down in the holster with the touch screen facing the belt connecting the holster to the body.

MX9 user-set parameters are unchanged. As the volume scrollbar is moved between Loud and Soft, the MX9 emits a tone each time the volume increases or decreases.

When Keyboard, on the Switchpad Menu, is selected, the default input method Input Panel, Transcriber, or custom input method is activated.

Bar code reader mz9 are: Place the cursor in the text entry field and, using the stylus: Introduction The keypad is available in a key or key configuration. Trigger Handle Trigger handle attach points 1.

LED on the power adapter illuminates green. The laser bar code aperture is certified for use with the MX9 only. Attaching The Trigger Handle Equipment needed: Tap the Shift key to type one capital letter. Do not twist or bend the connectors. Trigger Handle Trigger Handle Trigger handle attach points 1.

Align the audio connector and the headset quick connect cable end. The GrabTime utility can be configured to synchronize the time with a local server during each reboot function. Always use the point of the stylus for tapping or making strokes on the touch screen. Technical Assistance if you need more help. Laser Light Safety Statement Warning: The headset attaches to the audio cable end of the voice cable which attaches to the MX9.


Institute of Calibration & Technology Co., Ltd.

The MX9 internal microphone and speaker are automatically disabled. Ce produit utilise un rayon laser. Tab Space Backspace keys 4. Using The Applock Switchpad Click the switchpad icon in the taskbar.

Control [CTRL] ahnyoung 9. Attaching The Handstrap hanyoumg. Honeywell MX9 User Manual pages. Product Agency Compliance – Mx9 Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. The cradle will not power on or function if the cable is connected with the polarity reversed. This product uses laser light.

Holster with Handle The MX9 is inserted upside-down in the holster with the touch screen facing the belt connecting the holster to the body. Attach – Upper Handstrap Base 2.

Secure the cable to the cradle with the pre-installed strain relief cable clamp see section titled Vehicle Cradle Strain Relief Cable Clamp. Begin by connecting the power cable to the MX9’s vehicle cradle. Special Purpose Keys – 38 Key 1. Components Components Front 1. Slide the voice cable ends together until they click shut. Guide the installed trigger handle into the trigger handle notch.