In the end, but reading is copying. To “read” a file practically means to “copy into RAM”, otherwise programs couldn’t work with it. And once. I am having an issue when I copy a few cells in my Excel then paste, the original selection of copied cells wont un-copy and remains. That would protect against copy-pasting. You’ll have to decide how much of a protection that really is, though – most short questions can be typed into Google in .

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Have you got the latest update installed as per my previous post.

In addition to select disabling, Now seen the following tactic in at least one website: M File Anti-Copy has some interesting functions to try and protect itself from being tampered with while protecting the files.

Anton 3, 3 24 So again we disagree. I think I was fo using Win 9x during that time. A Windows administrator must have total control of the PC by design, and Microsoft have done their best to prevent you from locking yourself out of your own PC. That would protect against copy-pasting. Drag and drop is also restricted in latest version check out madgeektools.


They were quick to take my money. I can go into the clipboard and delete it, but I never had to do that in the past and its very tedious. Thank you for your interest in this question. Just remote desktop from one machine to z.

Surely tapping ESC is not a big chore best wishes. Double click them and the text will show I have only tried this in chrome so it may differ in other browsers.

html – Prevent copying text in web-page – Stack Overflow

I’ve got quiz application. I was able to take a screenshot. KaitSmith Replied on June 22, That ubcopy you a picture of the text, but not edittable text that you could reformat and perhaps copy into word or notepad.

When File Anti-Copy has been activated, a new process called jncopy. This is one of those cases where it really pays to know smart people. If it can be seen it can be copied in one form or another.


Thank you for your interest in this question. This usually works http: If you are using JQuery then use: I use it on a daily basis and unncopy become very attached to it.

Excel 2016 wont un-copy a selection after paste

In reply to KaitSmith’s post on June 23, Crazy addition to excel. No more on this topic.

Above mentioned both tools are developed by me. Protecf glitch, Selecting print with the PDF Creator but not printing, makes the text show up there as selectable.

usb flash drive – How to protect file on USB from being copied? – Super User

There is another update available. A cheater will be able to work around pretty much everything.

Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers attempt to trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. Sheetal Kumar Maurya yow 1 5.