Read Common Sense Media’s Incarceron review, age rating, and parents guide. Catherine Fisher has crafted a masterpiece for young people in which. Title: Incarceron. Author: Catherine Fisher. Genre: Dystopia, Speculative Fiction, Young Adult. Publisher: Dial (US) / Hodder Children’s Books. Fisher (the Oracle Prophesies series) scores a resounding success in this beautifully imagined science fantasy set in a far future where, many.

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A lot or a little? It’s a good story, no doubt about it.

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Ini lebih seperti jenis speechless yang, “Idenya keren banget Incarceron Incarceron 1 by Catherine Fisher. I love the blending of the old with the new! Or, possibly the characters are somewhere and enemies, guards etc.

Nov 21, oliviasbooks rated it really liked it Shelves: Incarceron is a book with some interesting ideas, and some intensely visual imagery. Feb 08, Pages Young Adult Buy. Claudia was supposed to have 2 sides to her, her fake side whenever her father is present which is stuffy, snobby, and proper. Pertama adalah Finn, tokoh utama amnesia yang “Spesial” karena sering mengalami flashback tentang hal-hal yang tidak ada di Incarceron–hal-hal yang seharusnya datang dari dunia Luar.

I never realized the author’s end-goal here. Said they had to force their incarcero through it. As for the attraction to dystopian settings just look at our world today, most young people are very disher that their future will be very close to that. Learn how your comment data is processed. You can read wh How many different forms of imprisonment are there?


And that this is just the fashion of the moment. But Finn isn’t alone, and there’s always the hope of escape. View all 4 comments. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Inside the prison, women and children are sold for sex.

The idea is interesting, but I Sadly, I was unable to really get into Incarceronlet alone finish it. Terus, kenapa mereka mau-maunya mengadopsi sistem pemerintahan monarki yang bahkan bukan benar-benar monarki, tapi karikatur dari sebuah monarki?

Have you read His Dark Materials?

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher | Scholastic

Tapi beberapa dari mereka berusaha untuk meninggalkan Incarceron. Fisher writes it so well, and with such awesome variation within Incarceron itself, of A. I feel like this review is very much a ‘I can’t put my fingers on what was wrong’ type of review, so I apologize if it seems rather chaotic. Second of all, it’s not like the pre-regency era was full of ecstatically happy fisheer either.

They are up against impossible odds, but one thing looms above all: But you get the idea.

What they don’t count on, though, is that Incarceron is not just a prison. Chapter 1 Who can chart the vastness of Incarceron? Mereka ga jelek, tapi nggak berkesan aja. The author is masterful at creating worlds through her usage of descriptive phrasing and the narrative trades between Claudia and Finn. Apr 21, Jessica rated it really liked it Shelves: Also, if someone had their mind wiped, you’d think it would have some type of effect on their brain. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!


He hates it that he has no choice, but to leave his friends behind on the Inside. The sweeping scope of imagination and surprising plot twists will make this book as popular with adults as it will be with teens. Apa yang bisa bikin manusia–atau setidaknya warga incxrceron Endor–mau mengambil pilihan itu?

But although this is a three-star review, it’s worth checking out. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Junot Diaz from Wall St. After years of scheming and social climbing, he will finally have the power incarcsron he craves.


Finn believes that he came from Outside. Can we stop lying to ourselves? Nobody but the Warden, who has got the only key to the prison. A gang leader in the prison uses a drug called fishef. A second step towards a violence and crime-free world was the construction of the self-regulating, autonomous prison Incarceron, where all criminal, dangerous, politically extreme and mentally ill people were sent off to – together with 70 volunteers to guard incarcerno.

Incarceron First edition I do think he cared about Finn, and that was his saving grace in my mind. I think that many teenagers favor dark things as a means of asserting, defining themselves.