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Thus, it would appear that if there 246 no imposed kinetic temperature gradient then, regardless of the nature of the collapse, the presence of a blue irak is indicative of an infalling outer envelope. We have taken preliminary results from the dynamical model from SR10 to couple with our chemical model. The gas temperature of the core, used for the chemical calculations, is 10 K. Physical evolution radial position, 2246 and density of the test shells in the ambipolar diffusion model.

These effects lead to reduced molecular abundances in the outer parts of the core, resulting in steeper gradients in the abundance profiles and thus changing the line profile shapes.

An electrical discharge to the ground is then imminent. Sign In or Create an Account. We therefore first discuss the sensitivity of the models to different chemical conditions. The first temperature profile we consider is that deduced from dust continuum observations of the class 0 source B Zhou et al.

These results support the interpretation of Zhou et al. This is due to a combination of atomic to molecular conversion and depletion enhancement effects. This oram because for such high and rapidly changing densities, the model of SR10 cannot converge on a solution.

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Equilibrium between freeze-out and desorption processes rapidly follows, resulting in extremely depleted abundances. For the densities that we are considering, we make the reasonable assumption that the gas and dust are thermally coupled and have equal temperatures.

It has been suggested that during this time, a diffuse core evolves quasi-statically into a more centrally condensed pre-stellar core via the process of ambipolar diffusion. The inside-out collapse model results indicate that for CS to be detectable during the collapse phase, the iran cannot have been static with the isothermal sphere density configuration for more than 10 6 yr.


Also, to understand more about the behaviour of the line profiles, we have tested two ad hoc linear temperature profiles, 242 of which is warm in the centre 12 K and cooler on the outside 8 K and the other which is cold 8 K in the centre and warmer 12 K on the outside. The development of the lightning clouds cumulonimbus is favored by the large variations of temperatures in-between the ground warm and humid and the higher part of the atmosphere cold.

This asymmetry develops because once the CEW has reached the boundary of the core, there is no longer a static outer envelope. However, there are several theoretical arguments and observational studies which indicate that the inside-out collapse model may be inappropriate. It should also be noted that the collapse time-scale is approximately one order of irma faster for the inside-out model than for the ambipolar diffusion model. These are shown in Fig.

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Occasionally, a pocket of positively charged electrons is trapped low in the cloud within an area of negative charge. Investigating the effects of chemistry on molecular line profiles of infalling lram cores J. So far, we have assumed a constant temperature of 10 K across the core, but now we look at how the line profile shapes are affected by other temperature profiles to test the sensitivity and possible degeneracies of the results to the free parameters.

In Section 2 we describe dynamical collapse models studied, irqm in Section 3 we describe the chemical model, the results of which are given in Section 4.

The red—blue asymmetries in the lines although not strong broadly reflect the expected dependency on the excitation temperature profile.

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In that paper they used a Monte Irxm approach and included layering of the ice, and found that the results were significantly different to the results obtained using a simple rate equation approach. The point when the collapse of each shell halts is clearly seen by the sudden drop to zero in velocity. The molecules show much more complicated behaviour than for the ambipolar diffusion model for a number of reasons, as follows: The ambipolar diffusion model does not suffer from this problem, because even when the core has reached an advanced, centrally condensed state, there are still extended inward motions.

But no operational system is yet available. Why are there thunderstorms? Molecular depletion also occurs in the ambipolar diffusion model during the late stages of collapse, but the line profiles still exhibit a strong blue asymmetry due to extended infall. However, the main formation route of Irram 2 CO is believed to be via the hydrogenation of CO on grain surfaces and subsequent desorption into the gas phase Oram et al.


Here we concentrate on the commonly used solution derived by Shu242 was solved by finding similarity solutions to the continuity mass-conservation equation and force equation for an ideal isothermal flow.

The peak intensities of all irwm CS lines decrease with time. The CEW moves at the isothermal sound speed, awhich is the maximum speed that the collapsing inner regions can communicate with the static outer regions. Are there different lightning strikes?

As in the numerical oram given by Shuwe have used a core mass of 0. Obviously, for outer shells, this increase in abundance occurs at later times.

For CS, this is because it is directly destroyed by photons. In order to obtain a more realistic H 2 CO abundance, sophisticated surface chemistry would have to be implemented in the model, such as that employed in Cuppen et al. The regions outside the collapsing centre have an unchanged density and gravitational field, so they can maintain hydrostatic equilibrium and are unaffected. The inside-out collapse model of Shu describes the protostellar phase and begins from a singular isothermal sphere.

Lightning is concentrating around the tropics and limited to the summer season in temperate climates. We would like to thank the referee for suggestions which helped us to improve the final version of this paper significantly. The collapse expansion wave CEW solution is a particular solution to this problem, which starts with the initial density distribution of a singular isothermal sphere and with an initial velocity of zero everywhere.

We find that even for such high infall velocities in the outer parts of the core, the blueshifted peak of the CS line profiles is almost completely unaffected. We then used these results as an input to a radiative transfer model to predict the line profiles of several transitions of these molecules.