Titre d’un poème de P. Celan, Schibboleth sert ici de fil conducteur pour la lecture de celui que l’on considère comme l’un des plus grands poètes de langue . Schibboleth: Für Paul Celan. Front Cover. Jacques Derrida. Passagen-Verlag, – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Schibboleth. Schibboleth: para Paul Celan by Jacques Derrida, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Hent de Vries, Das Schibboleth der Ethik. Derrida und Celan – PhilPapers

Dirk Castelein rated it really liked it Jun 24, As soon as you’ve tried to speak of choice, for example, each word you’ll use to talk deerrida this, to talk about this unique thing, each word will be one taken from general language, a common noun that will re-inscribe you within a common language, that will therefore re-inscribe the Shoah within a common language.

But at the same time I insist on referring by this word or by this logic schibboletth survival to Auschwitz, but not only to Auscwitz, that is true. But we are today the heirs of the victims or the heirs of the butchers. For a long time, going to Poland had been a problem for me. Very early on, there was in Temps Modernes a first wave, and then it subsided, and then there was a great deal of work schibbolrth, philosophical work, about Heidegger during the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, without the political question harming this development.

Interested in receiving information and updates from Yad Vashem? Were both sides engaged but differently? I want to note that this discourse could have been held in the 19th century, or even if Auschwitz jxcques happened.

Schibboleth | Derrida Jacques

No keywords specified fix it. But this will be the last. Feb 13, Egor Sofronov rated it really liked it. This concept is very obscure, very difficult to outline or ground. Would you connect Jankelevitch’s notion of the unforgiven with certain experience or phase in either Jewish or French work of mourning in the postVichy era? Having said this, my conscience is not quiet for having written this.


As for myself, there is a generational difference, there is also the fact that I am a Jew from Algeria, that I have a more distant relation to the European thing, that I have been more marked by antisemitism in Jzcques, which was indeed very violent but did not result in any murders or deportations.

But even more than the re-conception of difference, and perhaps more importantly, deconstruction works svhibboleth preventing the worst violence.

Unless there is a connection, in your question And this is inscribed in the very structure of the extermination. I think that as we were saying a little while ago of French culture, Israeli culture has its own evolutionary time.

Many French people, many intellectuals, including myself, wrote to him to ask him to recognize the culpability of France and he was against it, giving his reasons, explaining why he thought it wasn’t right for France to blame itself for such a offence, since it hadn’t been France, nor the French state, nor the French Republic.

I have noticed, and I’m not the only one, my friends too have noticed a great difference between the relation to my work twenty years ago, then ten years ago and today, it has derrira changing a great deal. The act of Yad Vashem has consisted of keeping the names and the dates, finally, which are inseparable.

He said that Vichy was not the French Jacqyes, that the Republic had schbboleth broken off and therefore France as such could not assume the responsibility or the guilt for the crimes against the Jews under Vichy. To answer the last question, I wouldn’t say that Heidegger’s attitude is neither forgivable nor unforgivable. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Are you telling me now that just as there is some interest now in the persecuters as well as in those persecuted, like Eva Braun, following a certain evolution, it is possible to be interested in me?!

Not so much sdhibboleth philosophers who are in the United States, since there are after all many who are interested in continental philosophy. Open Preview See a Problem?

These generational differences, naturally, are marked in public discourse and in philosophical discourse. As to the question of forgiveness, of which we spoke earlier, without the Shoah having been forgotten, there may be a period of the attenuation of the suffering, a distancing of the suffering which is jacues a forgetting, but which is nevertheless a sort of weakening of the pain that permits other gestures.


How do you reconcile these notions which seem rather contradictory to one another edrrida perhaps to the very project of philosophizing? Hence the abyss of problems that keep cropping up with negationism and revisionism. With the Holocaust we have, unfortunately, a thought-provoking resource that is inexhaustible. And I believe that, on the contrary, out of respect for the Shoah, it is a way of re-thinking ethics, politics, philosophical discourse on the basis of categories that seem to us most appropriate to the Shoah.

Interview With Professor Jacques Derrida, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris

We are therefore redirecting you to what we hope will be a useful landing page. Why did they pretend not to understand or see what was happening to the Jews?

Leavey, Jr, in ed. Anne-francoise rated it it was amazing Mar 30, So, of course, I don’t think it would be serious to reduce all the work in which I’ve been involved under the name of “deconstruction,” since you’ve alluded to this, to reduce it to something to be explained by the “After Auschwitz.

Rosen, in which the viewer was expected to get close to Eva Braun’s sensibility as Hitler’s lover. First deerrida all, deconstruction is not a philosophy of history.

Schibboleth Pour Paul Celan

Yale University Press, Last Monday, on the 5th of January, you were giving a seminar in Jerusalem, tackling the idea of forgiveness through a dialogue with the work of Jankelevitch. For more Visiting Information click here. The Yad Vashem website had recently undergone a major upgrade!