There are also instructions for accessing the SVN server. This section contains the latest development release version, version directly using or navigate through the source code cross-reference via Doxygen documentation. ChangeLog, , [ ], NEWS, , 53K , , K. [ ], userguidezip. Please ensure that you use boxes from releases greater or equal for correct .. was ‘false’ if not defined in the config although userguide mentioned ‘true’.

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Fixed pthread lib settings for FreeBSD 5.

Bugfixes Fixed various bugs in AT module. This may be extended to have several groups reside in corresponding MySQL tables and hence operation of highly dynamical environments gets easier, because there is no need to restart or -HUP the boxes. This is mainly for accounting purposes.

EMI2 uer MO counter bug and assignment of non-existing fields bug. Fixed various issues with DLR handling. Added ‘allowed-receiver-prefix’ and ‘denied-receiver-prefix’ for sms-service groups.

Index of /download//gateway/doc/userguide

Development news Beginnings of https support. Include within configuration files added. Added ‘dead-start’ feature for SMSC groups. Added EMI2 specific configuration directives ‘notification-pid’ and ‘notification-addr’.


Fixed a possible segv bug in SSL connection opening call. Some fixes in HTTP keep-alive handling logic that causes our client to keep the connection up, even while the server has asked to drop it.

Please provide us any bug reports via our bug tracking system. This release is intended for production systems. Added config directives ‘bearerbox-port’ and ‘bearerbox-port-ssl’ to smsbox group, in order to not need any core group reading of external modules, ie. Please ensure that you use boxes from releases greater or equal 1. The configure option switch –with-defaults default value is now “speed”. Account field is required in DLR table-space and dlr config sections too.

This may be used it SMSC connections handle prefix normalization differently. Fixed a couple of memory leaks in various modules. Added transceiver mode for SMPP links.

Corrected encodings for “ordered true” and “ordered false”. Several new phones are supported for the AT2 module. Kznnel make process bug for Solaris 2.

Kannel 1.5.0 development release available

Following is a summary of the main issues. MT messages are bounced back as MOs into the incoming queue. Which is interpreted as the operator ID for aggregator specific MO messages. Fixed segfault in logging module for permission errors. Fixed various MIME type handling bugs. Fixed bearerbox MO routing logic. Current status The Kannel Group has made a new stable release 1.


New features Added service routing based on account field, which allows routing of MO messages depending on the account set by an aggregating SMSC kannrl. Added support for WSP 1. Added backtrace support for Linux. This allows MOs to be directly kannep into MTs within bearerbox. SMPP throttling error code support added.

Index of /download//userguide

Daily snapshots The following are daily snapshots from SVN. Documentation section guied log file rotation. Fixed a bug in the smsbox routing behavior of bearerbox. Binfo The service-type, or billing-info; it’s the parameter that mBlox or the SMS vendors apply to your profile.

WTLS support has been kannnel, but yet not finished. Main intention is to provide a installed Kannel without the need of patching the source for any modules that use Kannel’s gwlib and gw libs.