Listen to learn more about photon energy and the Great Shift in the Kahu and Kirael LIVE! CD recording, “Great Shift Updates: Lightworkers, Photon Energy and. Kirael has 13 ratings and 1 review. Kirael describes the most awesome evolutionary event in history — the great shift in consciousness. Kirael skillfull. “Kirael: The Great Shift” described topics that had not been written before. It is one of the expansive books that paved the way for other books to be written on the.

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Especially maybe for people who have no idea what the ascension is because it gives a very explicit description of the experience of fourth density. Remember, seven levels of consciousness exist for everything here, so your journey will be about what is happening in the Now. Goddess Lights will go to Venus and unhook the matrix from jirael journey.

What you call the Creator is pure kiarel, a form of consciousness not easily described in your language. I was also looking for another subject to write about. With respect to the Creator, it is more than a collection of thoughts. One publisher voiced special interest in the project, and the book was published in early Unique in kirafl perspective and emphasis in some respects and ever challenges the reader to action.

Healing after the Shift. Fred Sterling is a medium, an author, a minister, and a messenger. It is meant to be a wellspring of information that will show you how to resonate with this new energy. Write a customer review. I feel a push and pull in my energy, a longing to go home to the Creator, yet a need to be here to do my work.


Outside portal workers will go into the big cities, such as New York, Honolulu, Chicago, and Denver, to dig people out of the rubble.

Your arms, legs and neck will get longer. How hsift we gain the knowledge we need to do our work as inside and outside portal workers? Dee added it Jun 24, Reverend Sterling is founder of Honolulu Church of Light, a spiritual organization dedicated to healing and helping seekers around the world discover their own paths of healing into Love.

Your preparation will make this Shift happen. We got a ring side seat into the great shift in shhift.

Kirael: The Great Shift by Fred Sterling

The information he shares with us is precious. The chapter editors were asked to include a brief personal message in the book about either the material itself or their relationship with Kirael.

It was being channeled through Kahu Fred Sterling head pastor of the Honolulu Church of Light by a nonphysical being called Master Kirael a senior member of the Guidance Realm that lives in the seventh dimension. My prayer goes with you kjrael you are and in everything that you do!

Tansel Diplikaya added it Dec 23, The teachers, scientists, philosophers, etc.

Kirael: Lemurian Legacy for the Great Shift

For in this understanding lies the journey of growth and evolution known as “ascension. This book project fit right into my plans. Every one of the 40 dedicated volunteers who assisted with this project experienced it as a life changing event.

At one time, Venus was a beautiful planet for female Goddess Lights only. Nida rated it liked it Kurael 26, When that task was finished, we discovered we had enough material for three or four books. After the Shift, will kirawl have a new blueprint in our signature cell? You Are Needed Here Q: Open Preview See a Problem? They came from all walks of life: At the initial sbift meeting, 40 dedicated people signed up to help with the project. Your physical body is already changing and you can see the changes if you look at your body now.


Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Even those of you who were in Lemurian consciousness did not experience the Shift in this way. Paperbackpages. You will have to zhift out some way to get this scientist into this new journey, because he or she will be an important part of the shifting process. I cannot include their messages, so I will include mine: Kirael has awakened in me a greater reality of myself. You will shift levels of consciousness as needed and you will have to explain more precisely and shuft to the people about Signature Cell Healing.

I am to be an outside jirael worker. Inside and Outside Portal Workers. No guarantee exists that any of you will get through this Great Shift, primarily because this is a new project for the Creator. When you asked your question, your speech was difficult to understand, because you had too much power coming through the telephone.

You will want to take a shower every day.